Music Review-Guns and Roses-Chinese Democracy

It was November 2009, Best Buy opened at 6am this Sunday morning to celebrate the release of Chinese Democracy. I remember being well the only one in line waiting to get in the store. I was almost embarrassed to be there when I think about it now. I went in the store and they were playing the cd over the intercom and had a row full of cds. I picked up my copy and some of my friends copies as well, because they all had lives and did not want to wait. I remember hanging out in the store talking to some of my buds, and listening to maybe two or three tunes and not feeling it. So, I left with the copies and never opened mine. Now, the other day when I opened the Load cd, and I thought why not Guns and finally hear this cd. I mean radio did not play anything from this cd, and there were no videos that I was aware of. I will go on record; I am a huge Guns fan. I love Appetite and the Illusion cds, so much so I knew that after what I heard in Best Buy this cd would upset me to play it and hear what I waited almost 15 years for.

I do not view this as a Guns and Roses cd, this has nothing that the other records had or the members that had their own styles and made the Guns really fire while the Rose sang. This cd really comes across as more of a Axl Rose solo record, than a band project. The only thing that really resembles the hard rock side of Guns on this cd is the title track and maybe Scraped. While the lyrics at time sound very silly, the vocals are clearly Axl at his best on this cd. The funny thing is that this cd grew on me when I listened to it more; I really liked this cd a lot more than I thought I could like it. I think Street of Dreams should have been a hit for them; this is what Axl seems to excel at his ballads. I remember when I heard the Oh My God song from the End of Days soundtrack and was so stoked about this cd, and really thought that song would be the litmus paper as to what this cd would be. I was wrong, this cd sounds like what you would expect a cd that took almost a decade and a half, and over 19 million dollars in production would sound like. As much as I really like this cd, I have to admit this is very polished and not the raw and heavy Guns that I was a fan of, this sounds like a lead singer who did not so much sell out as he did just think his band was the be all end all and can put out anything with anyone and still be the huge Guns and Roses superstars. It is just sad that the band who at one time were set to take over the world, sort of fell underneath it for no other reason than it has a lead singer who cannot seem to keep his ego in check. Again, this is not a bad record it is just not a Guns and Roses cd. Let’s see how much longer till the next cd.

7.5 out of 10