Music Review-Fahri-Final Disconnect Notice

1. Lazy Fruit 04:08
2. Caleb’s Fauna 03:27
3. Make Like Hay and Lay 03:49
4. The Island Cannibal King 05:19
5. Ghost Song 04:48
6. Barflys 03:10
7. Winter Weight 04:25
8. We Might Be An Outlet 05:20
9. Nice Try, Good Effort! 04:36
10. New Park 06:12


Sarah Long-guitar, vocals
Miles Murray- guitar, vocals
Joe Huber- drums

Review-I remember going thru internet radio in 2006, and stumbling across this song that was called Drunkard’s Lament. The woman’s vocals in this song really haunted my soul; she had this beautiful voice that at first I did not pay attention to the lyrics, because I was in this ride to see where she would take me. The lyrics to this song are very unique and if her vocals do not suck you in which I know they will, but if not trust me the lyrics will grab your attention. This song made my top ten songs of the last decade list, and the ep.was something that made me hopeful about the future of college radio. In 2010, I finally got a hold of their debut record, and I thought it was the best Sonic Youth record since Experimental Jet Set. What a great debut record Fahri put out, while the ep. it was Sarah’s vocals and delivery that really captured my attention and stole my heart, this full length was more of a one two punch with her and husband Miles both really shining, in almost a way that would make Kim and Thurston proud.

A few months ago, I reached out to Sarah and told her I was a diehard fan of theirs and she gave me the advance of the newest cd Final Disconnect Notice. First thing I will say is how is this band not more major? This really feels like the 90’s indie alternative scene all over again, and if you are a fan of bands like Sonic Youth, The Pixies, and Rainer Maria, you will love this band and what they offer you. 10 songs that go about 43 minutes, and it is just straight ahead alternative fun. Ghost Song is the first song, I want to discuss because it is the one that I find myself wanting to listen to over and over. Sarah has this vocal delivery that is so missing from music these days; she makes you a part of the song just from listening to it. Barflys is another song that really shines as well, when Miles and Sarah trade off vocals or harmonize with each other it works and comes across as almost like familiar but different at the same time. Winter Weight is one of the heavier edged songs that really seem to have indie rock radio written all over it. This whole cd has indie rock radio written all over it. If people gave this band a listen and this cd or anything previous a shot, this band would be huge. There is so much talent in this band, and each song I have heard from this band on all their releases, there has yet to be one song that was filler or bad.

This is another band that is just one listen away from being big, and I hope to see more from this band and lord knows this band has so much talent, and is just going to only get better per cd. This cd is perfect from first song to last, and I would encourage all of you if you are into 120 minutes from the 80’s and 90’s when they played all those new bands that you never heard before but became a fan almost immediately, should seek out Fahri. Fahri are no longer the future of college radio, they are the today. Highly Recommended.

10 out of 10