Music Review-Evocation- Illusions Of Grandeur


1. Illusions of Grandeur
2. Well of Despair
3. Divide and Conquer
4. Perception of Reality
5. Metus Odium
6. I’ll Be Your Suicide
7. Crimson Skies
8. Into Submission
9. The Seven Faces of God
10. Final Disclosure

– Tjompe / Vocals, Bass
– Vesa Kenttäkumpu / Guitars
РMarko Palm̩n / Guitars
– Janne Kenttäkumpu Bodén / Drums, Backing Vocals

– Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth) / Vocals on “Into Submission

Review-Evocation are one of those bands that are so hyped and loved that you go into each cd expecting them to blow you away with the vocal power, the riffs and the rhythm section that always seems to deliver. That being said, I am not a fan of the new record as much as I was with previous releases. You just knew when Amon Amarth took off that others were watching and wanting to duplicate the same formula for success. While this cd does not sound like a total rip off, it does sound like this Swedish band decided to try and incorporate different influences that become so heavy in the songs that this band starts to lose their identities. In addition to trying to incorporate the Amon influence they even have the singer to help out.

This is a band that has been on the scene literally since the 90’s even though they were releasing demos till 2007, this is a band that knows better than to give us this cd. I mean to compare this cd to Tales from the Tomb is unfair, because Tales showed a band that is hungry and wanted to set the music scene on fire, this cd shows a band who is happy to be a shell of what they were once. This Swedish retro sounding death metal band has so much potential and this cd only has that in shades. Thru their releases they have incorporated so many elements that people were comparing them to bands like Dark Tranquility, with their melodies and a grisly goth metal sound. This release sees them taking away a lot of the heavy elements, the buzzsaw guitar riffs and even the rhythm section sound is so uninspired and fucking lazy.

This cd is just not there for me, it comes across as a band that is trying to cash in on a craze and doing it rather lazily. I do like Divide and Conquer, and I guess that would be the stand out track on this whole cd. The rest of this cd came across as bland and boring, and made me want to pull out the last release and see if this was a trend to kill their sound cd to cd that I was missing. I love Amon Amarth and I respect what they are bringing to the scene and the fan base they have, but Evocation we already have one; we really do not need a shadow. This cd feels so studio polished, so modern sounding and just lost all rawness that previous releases had. This is what “selling out” basically means. This cd is a waste of time, just so uninspired. Avoid.

2.5 out of 10