Music Review-Delain-We are the Others


Charlotte Wessels (vocals)
Martijn Westerholt (keys)
Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije (bass)
Sander Zoer (drums)
Timo Somers (guitar)

We Are The OthersRelease Date: 01-06-2012

01. Mother Machine
02. Electricity
03. We Are The Others
04. Milk and Honey
05. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
06. I Want You
07. Where Is The Blood (feat. Burton C. Bell)
08. Generation Me
09. Babylon
10. Are You Done With Me
11. Get The Devil Out Of Me
12. Not Enough

Bonus 4 live tracks

Review-The latest from Dutch Gothic Rock band Delain finds them not really breaking any new ground, but seems to be going a step into a more commercial vein. The first thing us metal fans will notice almost immediately is Where is the Blood, where Charlotte comes across as almost as a hybrid of Alanis Morrisette and Christina Scabbia and has Burton C Bell of Fear Factory doing this rock duet, that is just a little better than average but Burton is not what he once was and when he is trying to actually sing you see that he maybe should stick to Fear Factory and the screams, though when he is screaming the chorus it is not too bad. The positive is that Charlotte on this top 40 stuff actually does show she has the singing ability to pull it off even though she sounds like a rip off. Bands like Delain, Devil’s Gift, and so many more just do not have an identity and just sound like all the other bands or the ashes of bigger female led acts.

Now, that does not mean this is a bad cd or a great cd, it just means there is nothing on here that would make me want to go out of my way to see them live or buy the older and upcoming cds. There are songs on this cd that were ok to average, like Get the Devil out of me, Mother Machine and Electricity are really good. But, Get the Devil out of me sounds like every female Goth band and this song while it is ok; I think I liked it more because it reminded me of other female bands that I am into. Lord knows, I am all about the females in music but to me it seems to have hit a wall in terms of growth, and a cd like this is living proof that maybe it is time for a female Nirvana to hit the scene, to change female music. They also included 4 live songs, now I will say live this band does really have a good sound if it was truly live, which I am calling bull shit on the live experience and its legitimacy. I think the crowd reaction sounded canned like it was studio prepared and you can tell that in certain moments of the songs listening to the crowd, that I been to so many shows and know how things are for bands and I just think that maybe they were stretching too far to think they are that popular live.

This is not their first record, this is their third and you would think by now that this band would have created their own sound and identity, it just sounds like every other female in every other band. It is just like Roadrunner looked at labels like Nuclear Blast and Century Media and said, we need one of those popular girl singers who could make magazine covers. Like they asked the band “Do you know that Lacuna Coil and Nightwish band?” We need their sound on our label, and this is what came out of it. If Devil’s Gift got signed to Roadrunner, Lennon Murphy would have the same handbook and do the same thing. This is not really a bad cd, but fuck if you have all the other female Goth cds that came out in the last few years, this one is just another cd that really offers nothing new or cutting edge. Female Goth is starting to become the new Glam Metal from the 80’s, where all these beauty queens will think they can sing and then have the hole to tell us they think they are so are ugly and try to create this sympathetic character because if they were truly honest and say what they really felt, no one would ever buy one cd.

Everything in this band just reeks of fake and marketing genius behind the scenes trying to cash in. For people who bitch about Metallica cashing in and selling out, I am shocked there are not more fans jumping on these new Goth girls as being just as guilty. This is like a Hot Topic employee who got some talented musicians to dumb their sound down to try and make her a star. Trust me if this cd sold anything beyond gold or platinum, we would see a solo record very quickly and trying to get out on that Nickleback tour. Delain is a good cd, but it is more based on what this cd reminded me of then their actual real talent. Decent songs but it sounded like everything else, not too much inspired material. Lord knows we need a new Still Breathing cd. If you like female metal, there is this indie band who are Christians called Still Breathing and they have a cd called September that has been out for god knows how long, and it is heavier than anything Walls of Jericho could have ever tried. A Still Breathing reference and plug, I been waiting for years to use one..thank you Delain.

5 out of 10