Music Review-Decline of the I-Inhibition

1. Où Se Trouve La Mort?
2. The End Of A Sub-Elitist Addiction
3. Art Or Cancer
4. The Other Rat
5. Mother And Whore
6. Static Involution
7. L’Indécision D’Être
8. Keeping The Structure

Decline Of The I are:
A.K.: Guitars, keyboards, programming, samples, vocals
N : Drums
G : Vocals
S.: Vocals

Review-To read the press release for this cd,( because let’s be honest, to listen to this cd all the way thru and find words to describe what you heard is harder than one would think)it labels Burzum, Neurosis and Code as inspirations. I am not sure if I can call these songs, and claim that they have any lyrics or songwriting that will stick out but one thing is for sure this music as it plays on will evoke a wide variety of sounds and riffs that will create a very odd atmosphere. This cd opens with piano over metallic chords with a French man talking like a film or tv show in samples. As this song gets to the middle, the drums and music picks up which leads us to track 2 with runs around 11 minutes. This track is when the black metal emerges from the cracks. At times, the vocals in this track seem so off key, and the pairing off the sample in the song with the guitar work towards the middle is more hurtful towards the sound they are trying to achieve.

It took me quite a while to finally get myself into this cd, as far as the concept of this cd I found myself bored by this cd before it even got to track 5. The electro sections, the length of the songs, and when you hear songs like Art of Cancer that on their own are good enough songs, but when you have to listen to what is in front of it and what is after it, does not feel so special. I love bands who challenge music, who want to create adventurous and ambitious cds. I am a fan of any band who feel the need to cross that line in any genre and try to incorporate others things to enhance it, but make it listenable and entertaining. People love the black metal bastard cousin avant-garde, but unless you are the most diehard fan, I will say to skip this record for the most part, but there are still some elements here and there I sort of liked, that makes me hopeful they tighten up their sound and songwriting for the next opus.

4 out of 10