Music Review-Deceit-Nine

Tracks :
2.Out of project
3.First father
5.Around the world
6.Too Fighters
8.The fall
9.My stupid revenge
10.Last song

Review-When I think of Italy in the spectrum of metal, Deceit is definitely not what would come to mind first. This is a band who is more inspired by Foo Fighters, Ting Tings and Queens of the Stone Age more than a power metal or goth band. The debut record by Deceit caught me by surprised because this is a band that clearly are very energetic and have great song writing skills that each song really showcases both in very large doses. This is a band that feels like it came from the mid 90’s and has a grunge crunch to it but also hints at modern metal as well. This record is just overflowing with raw passion and a youthful energy that reminded me of when bands like Fall Out Boy first hit the scene in a way. This cd has a lot of highs and yet has a lot of lows as well. I am trying to figure out how to classify this cd to you guys, it has so much alternative energy to it, but also gives you some metal riffs and growls here and there that it wants to be borderline both. Unreal is clearly my favorite track on this cd, and it has this catchy chorus and infectious guitar riff to it that the song reeks of familiar but I really dug this song and that chorus that really was a shock as to how much I remembered this song once all the tracks were over.

This cd reminds me of Chevelle a lot as a band that has the tools, but there is just something that seems missing. Some songs on this cd at times do get a bit redundant and inconsistent, one that comes to mind on the top of my head is First Father, and another is Out of Project. This cd has a few of those good catchy radio friendly filler radio hits that people will hum along to or sing on their computer. So as you can see for any positive I can name, there is an equal negative. The things that I cannot take away from these guys are that the song writing is solid, and the production and musicianship all thru this cd is second to none. This is MTV radio friendly pop metal rock that is packaged for the kids. Though, Wolfman is a solid opening track that could get hard rock fans to notice them as well. I hate to hate this cd, because it had so much going for it. So I will be fair, and give it a mild hate. I am dying to see what is in the future for these guys.

5 out of 10