Music Review-Cryptosy-The Best of us Bleed

Disc 1:

01 – “Boden“
02 – “A Graceful Demise“
03 – “Holodomor“
04 – “Oh My Fucking God“
05 – “Worship Your Demons“
06 – “Silence The Tyrants“
07 – “The Headsmen“
08 – “Carrionshine“
09 – “The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness (Psalm 91: 5-8)“
10 – “Endless Cemetery“
11 – “We Bleed“
12 – “Soar And Envision Sore Vision“
13 – “Voice Of Unreason“
14 – “Cold Hate, Warm Blood“
15 – “White Worms“
16 – “Emaciate“

Disc 2:

01 – “Phobophile“
02 – “Slit Your Guts“
03 – “Crown Of Horns“
04 – “Defenestration“
05 – “Abigor“
06 – “Open Face Surgery” (live)
07 – “Graves Of The Fathers” / Drum Solo” (live)
08 – “Shroud” (live)
09 – “Born Headless” (live)
10 – “Slit Your Guts” (live)
11 – “Cold Hate, Warm Blood” (live)
12 – “We Bleed” (live)
13 – “White Worms” (rehearsal)
14 – “Loathe” (rehearsal)
15 – “Depths You’ve Fallen” (rehearsal)
16 – “Cold Hate, Warm Blood” (rehearsal)

Press Release-A 2-CD best of set from Cryptopsy spanning their career, complete with demos, live renditions and 3 exclusive new tracks (written with Youri Raymond and Eric Langlois) is being put together by Century Media.

Due out November 20th, the set will be titled “The Best Of Us Bleed” and comes with extensive new liner notes written by Decibel Magazine‘s Adrien Begrand. You can check out the track listing and the cover artwork, done by Toshihiro Egawa (Suicide Silence, Abigail Williams, etc.)

Review-I was once a big fan of Cryptopsy until 2008, the Unspoken King was like my heroes started to find the route of selling out that Metallica ventured to suit them. I heard that the self-titled cd they released after was really a return to form, but I was so pissed that they would try to sell out that I did not want to buy back into them again. To me Cryptopy were the reigning champs of technical death metal and some people would argue they helped pioneer, for them to release King was the wrong move for the wrong reasons. So for me to listen to Cryptosy again after not caring for almost 4 years was different for me in so many ways. I know going into this I have to be objective, so objectively I will say, I hate when bands are so fast to abandoned their fan base and following to attempt to grow and mature, which let’s be honest just means it is trying to sell more units and will try to find out what is popular at that moment and incorporate it in their sound. Crypotopsy is one of those bands that never shied away from controversy, you know the band and their line up issues which among many changes in vocals and guitars included and how fans did not approve of vocalist Mike DiSalvo, this is a band that always felt it was destined to be huge, and I feel when that happened in an underground sense and not a money sense, it made this band desperate.

Onto the cd, I love best of cds, and this one is no different. When you think of Cryptopsy you think of furious technical death metal that is going to rattle your ears with the savage fury that you become a fan of this band for. I am not a fan of mixing studio tracks with live for greatest hits cd, but I will be honest the live tracks on this sound like they were polished in the studio and did not have a live vibe beside the start and end that you hear crowd noise. I am a big fan Lord Worm and I try to warm to Matt, ( as I did Mike and Martin) but Lord Worm left a big hole in his exit from the band. All in all, if you are a fan this offers you a lot of tracks you may not be exposed to yet, and the demos aka rehearsal stuff was not too bad and showcased the raw power of this band very well. The production of the songs is what you would expect but fuck the drumming is insane and so are those riffs, the vibe they captured in the studio is really good. The vocals were in and out sound wise but to hear the drums in that recording session on these tracks is fucking amazing. The live stuff was really good, but I felt it was studio live with maybe the intros and outros to be the only thing live. The songs this cd does offer are some very good stuff from the history, and I think non fans may warm up to this band; this was truly a greatest hits compilation for sure for a new listener, but established fans may like the bonus stuff like the live and demo stuff. On a side note, the Strapping Young Lad cover Oh my Fucking God off City is fucking amazing.

8 out of 10