Music Review-Car Bomb-w​^​w​^​^​w​^​w


Michael Dafferner – Vocals
Elliot Hoffman – Drums
Greg Kubacki – Guitars
Jon Modell – Bass

Track List:
[ 1 ] The Sentinel
[ 2 ] Auto-named
[ 3 ] Finish It
[ 4 ] Lower the Blade
[ 5 ] Garrucha
[ 6 ] Third Revelation
[ 7 ] Recursive Patterns
[ 8 ] Spirit of Poison
[ 9 ] Magic Bullet
[ 10 ] CRUD
[ 11 ] This Will Do the Job
[ 12 ] The Seconds

Review-Car Bomb’s follow up to Centralia took 5 years to put together, but holy fucking shit was it worth the wait. Like Centralia was starting to show us, this band takes metal and puts their name all over it. From the opening track The Sentinel this band just comes out the gate kicking and screaming and really creating this hardcore crunch that sounds like a unforced chaos with stop and start rhythms and this insane drumming that is going plummet you into the ground. Michael proves he can growl and scream with the best in this genre. The vocals on this whole cd just come across with so much raw energy and passion that you know Michael and the gents wanted to really give fans something really special for how patient they were waiting for this cd.

This self-produced record is raw, full of hard hitting power chords and a rhythm section that can do that stop and start rhythms without warning. This is not your run of the mill progressive metal or thrash band, this is something truly unique that really has this power that will grab onto you within seconds, and not let you go till the record ends. This is a violent fuck you burst of middle finger that we desperately need in metal these days. While songs like Finish It, is just awe inspiring with the jarring hardcore riffs, with Michael giving fans a taste of what they been waiting for from Meshuggah for the last 4 releases, then in the chorus he starts to do a soft vocal that catches me on surprise. Within the structure of one sound, he goes from growling, to screaming to trying to sing melody and then do a spoken word line or two and lets out a “ woo”. What a technically insane song that just does what this cd offers the most, and does the best, goes into so many territories and tries to mesh so many genres of metal together.

If Refused claimed they were the shape of punk to come, this is the shape of hardcore to come. This cd unleashes so much power and energy that each song has so much to discover for the listener. The guitar sound will come across like jack hammers, and the vocals come across as death screams and the rhythm section play with so much passion and power, that you have to know they wanted to create a skull crushing and psychotic affair. I know Centralia was a little more atmospheric with the electronics and ambience, but this cd shows a true growth from a band that has created a cd that is so much more brutal and pissed off then the last cd. If I had any negatives, it would be that I cannot wait till 2018 for the next cd. This is the album Meshuggah should have fucking put out this year. Another great hardcore record that fans of technical and progressive metal will like a lot.

9 out of 10