Music Review-Brokaw-Interiors

Track Listing

Ambulance Red
Berlin Heart
No Morphine Doctor
Politicians By the Pool
Terms of War
The Slide
Time Ain’t Now
You Didn’t Invent Sex

Review-Brokaw hails from Seattle, and to listen to this cd sounded like they were heavily influenced by Jesus Lizard, Tad, and Paw. This is noise rock if there ever was some. The soul of this cd sounds like it drowned in hardcore punk and alternative rock with a splash of some kind of funk. The cd clocks in at a little less than 28 minutes and it is just straight forward in your face riffs and just Seattle grunge attitude. The opening track Ambulance Red sounds like the rest of what this cd offers, just heavy bass with wailing guitars which as I said early is so reminiscent of old school Jesus Lizard with Tad Doyle singing. The track No Morphine Doctor is very weird to describe as it crosses with head banging and maybe dance ability. Politicians by the Pool sound like Faith No More were channeled thru the music Ouija board with the funk of the Chili Peppers. It is such an odd and almost different song then what you would expect that you have to really respect them for having the balls to jump into it balls first. You Didn’t Invent Sex has such a great and heavy riff to it, that when the vocals and chorus hit you it is infectious.

I guess the production is meant to sound this way, in a Butch Vig/Steve Albini sort of way so that it would feel more 90’s. I like this cd somewhat, but I am a huge fan of Tad, Jesus Lizard, and Paw and know that one of them is more than enough. I like this band wore their influences all over their sleeves and tried to honor more than rip off, but at times it bothers me that how reminiscent the sound is, because I expect those bands to sound like that and produce albums like this, not total stranger bands that I am new to. For a album so short and suppose to make a statement songs like The Slide with its overplayed riffs and sound, was such a miss for me.

The music comes across as simple; there is nothing really groundbreaking or screaming for you to play this cd for the second time. I am not saying it is a bad cd, it is just a cd that I found myself reminiscing more about who they sounded like and wanting to listen to them then actually getting into this. I think Brokaw has a ton of talent, and I know people would probably like this if they gave it a shot, but I am not sure if I was the fan base they were trying to reach with this cd that paints the new Seattle scene of bands who try to emulate their heroes more than becoming new ones.

4 out of 10