Music Review-Breccia-Shadows


Joe Gaston, Shane Brown, Jeffrey Dunnam, Sam Gaston, Joel Andrews

Mobile, Alabama believe it or not, is quite the hotbed for music. In the 80’s we had bands to name a few like The Vomit Spots, Dead Horse, Suicidal Attack, Mutant Speed, The Idiots, and a band that you guys may know members from called Loppybogymi. Greg Slay who played with them, went on and did drums for Remy Zero and James Orr went on to get Afroman signed to a major label. We had a club named Vincent Van Go Go’s who everyone from L7 to Rollins played and let our local bands open for them. But, most of us were underaged and we went to the VFW post to watch the Vomits. In the 90’s was the emergence of bands like Pfeel, Morris Minor ( who is Greg Nobles who was touring bassist for Scandal) a record store called Satori Sound that everyone from me to whoever worked there, The Rachels, XBRXX, Merge, Ugli Stick, Method to Madness, and Mutant Speed became Soulcore and many more. Well here we are, and members of a lot of Alabama bands including the Core are all aligned like the stars to form Breccia.

I know Ugli Stick is still gigging around the town, and Todd has 15 bands from Supreme Dispassion to whatever his brain says to do the next day, but Breccia to me are such a breath of air to remind me of the scene that once was. I always loved local indie bands self-releasing their music, because you know they had zero pressure and put out what they wanted to without anyone telling them different. This cd is the Alabama scene at its most honest and creative. Songs that stuck out to me on first listen were Friends, holy fuck I love friends. Friends is definitely one of the best songs from the Mobile scene since the 80’s. Arisen Soul is another amazing song that really asks the listener to not sit still. I love the guitar sound on this cd, and I know live these guys rip it up. I am not sure if progressive is the word I would use to describe this sound, but I think technical fits better. It seems like everything they do on this cd is so well thought out and planned. Now, before I take any flack for picking favorites on bands from Mobile, I never met these guys. And I was hard on the last Ugli Stick cd, and I am boys with Tim who drums for them.

If you are new to the Mobile music, this may be a good band to start off with, they are on Facebook. If you like them and their unique brand of rock/metal, seek out and good luck, Scenic Overlook by Loppybogymi, Tone Def by The Vomit Spots and Pray you do not shit Blood by Supreme Dispassion, those to me are the three cds that could give you some very unique tastes of what this scene and its legend is all about. Great band and very cool cd, this cd shows me how much I miss the old school scene in Alabama.

8 out of 10