Music Review-Angra-Best Reached Horizons


Kiko Loureiro
Rafael Bittencourt
Felipe Andreoli
Ricardo Confessori

01. Carry On
02. Angels Cry
03. Wuthering Heights ( Kate Bush cover)
04. Evil Warning
05. Nothing To Say
06. Holy Land
07. Carolina IV (live)
08. Freedom Call
09. Lisbon
10. Metal Icarus
01. Nova Era
02. Rebirth
03. Hunters And Prey
04. Spread Your Fire
05. Waiting Silence
06. The Course Of Nature
07. Salvation:Suicide
08. Arising Thunder
09. Lease Of Life
10. Kashmir (LED ZEPPELIN cover)

Review-Angra are one of those bands that I have a lot of friends who are die hard into them, and I just never really gave them a listen or a fair shot until now. I figure this is their greatest hits, and if any cd will be a great introduction into a band, it is either their debut or their greatest hits. The songs I listened to first were the covers, and the first was Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. At first, I was not a fan of it, but I sort of started to warm up to it when I gave it another shot. I think this is the best attempt at trying to be Zep since Kingdom Come. The guitar break in this song is insane, and the vocals I think even Robert Plant would give them a nod, though as you can tell even the most diehard Zeppelin fans can warm up to their heroes being copied, and I think this was really cool once I got into it and gave it a fair shot. The second one was a little harder to embrace and that was Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights. Like Zeppelin, I am a major Bush fan and I think they should have hired a female singer to do it. They have worked with Tarja before, she would have been perfect. This was a very poor attempt at trying to honor Kate Bush.

Now, I admitted at the beginning I am not familiar with this band so to pass judgment about what songs should or should not be on this cd, but why do bands always want to put live songs on these greatest hits? I hate a cd that mixes live and studio, it just does not fit in it kills what you are trying to capture with a live record. If you want to give fans a different version, why not put a new twist on it? I think fans of the band may see this greatest hits as some cash in by a label, but for people like me, it helps me get familiar with a band that I really have no experience with. To read the press release this band is two different variations one was 1991-1998 when Andre Matos sang, and the rest was everything after that.

This cd sounds like it was not remastered, and the songs were just pulled from each album and it sounds like this was just whipped together for the purpose of just selling it without putting any sort of care or initiative for the fans who have followed this band and bought all the cds. Disc 1 to me is the stronger of the two, the music comes across as unique and has this opera progressive metal with soft vocals style with symphonies that really seemed to be pushing the limits and bounds for this band, and probably led to the separation. Disc Two starts off with this new direction, gone is the Progressive sound and in its place is Power Metal. The double bass kicks, and the guitar distortion were shocking and I was not quite ready for how they changed their sound completely within the period of an era. I noticed in Kashmir as well as all over this cd, there is a strong reference to Brazilian sounds and the culture, which really works for this band who hail from the place. They use it more as some kind of background piece or atmospheric feel to the tone of the music and it comes across as unique. I think if you never heard of Angra before like I, you may want to get this double cd and discover a cool band that has been around since 1991, if you are a fan and have all the releases, beside Kashmir I am not sure if anything on here would be of mentioning to you. All in all, I may not go buy the whole library, but at least I have discovered a band that slipped under my radar.

7.5 out of 10