Movie Review-Zombified

Plot-During a rock concert a Zombie outbreak seems to break out due to a cd being played. Add to that there is a serial killer, add to that everyone is now running for their life and trying to stop this problem and stay alive.

Review-Zombified is billed as the first Slasher/Zombie crossover film. After watching this film, I am praying that if anyone does this concept again, they learn from the mistakes this film made. This film was basically a bore-fest, which is sad because I had some hope for it with the cool trailer. The first 10 or so minutes we get a good little sex scene that leads to the premise being an ambitious outing at first. You get to see some very cool kills that set up the slasher part very well but that was in the first ten minutes. Then, we cut to a band doing a live performance which I sort of liked some of the song but that whole musical number felt so boring and uninspired that if you were at the show, you would want to leave. They played a whole song all the way thru, with barely any montage or excitement. And then, we watch someone put a cd in a machine and start turning people into zombies. It was probably the cd of this band on stage; it almost turned me into the sleeping dead. Then, the lead singer of the band is running and running, and the zombies run so fast that there is no way they could not have out run her. As the film goes on, it just gets more and more ridiculous. I understand indie budgets and that I myself could not do better, but seriously you could not do any better yourself and at least make a story that was more enjoyable to follow than a film that seemed dead set on trying to be creative and innovated and failed on both levels. This film does not seem like it borrowed from films, it feels like it blatantly ripped off films like Laid to Rest and 28 Days Later. So a crossbreed film like this is basically Laid to Rest with Zombies.
If this a first time director, I would probably cut a break here and there, but this is Todd Jason Cook who has over 20 years of experience in film, and knows better. I am one of those people, if a lot of people trash a film I still may want to check it out, so who knows this may be someone’s cup of tea . I can go on and on about what I hated about this film, but it seemed like it would be like beating a dead horse. My positives with this film were so few that the negatives made them seem so small and non-existent. I hate when people treat horror fans like dummies, and think to over explain things to us. If you have to over explain things, then maybe you are in the wrong genre, go make a documentary or Oscar worthy portrayal of someone famous. What a waste.

2.5 out of 10