Movie Review-Wrong Turn 5

Coming to dvd and blu ray on October 23rd

Plot-Our favorite hillbilly cannibals are back. This chapter takes place in the backwoods of West Virginia in a small town called Fair Lake. It seems like it is the 10th annual Mountain Man Festival, where everyone in town dresses up like hillbillies and parties. Well a group of tourists on their way to the festival barely miss a man on the road and crash their ride, when they go to see if they harmed the man he attempts to try and stab one, and on the scene is two police officers who arrest all involved. Sherriff Angela soon finds out that the man that attacked the kids is a wanted fugitive for the last 30 years named Maynard who seems to be some kind of father figure to the hillbillies as they are going to kill everyone they have to, to get Maynard out of jail. Can the town survive the hillbillies?

Review-This installment was really fun. I mean, it comes nowhere near the original or part 2 or for that matter part 3, but it was not as bad as the last one. Doug Bradley plays Maynard and does his best creepy acting to really make the character some real good cheese fun. The kills in this one have upped the ante; I think there is more killing in this film than the last two sequels combined. The kills for the most part are the same Wrong Turn kills we are used to but they throw in some elaborate little kills that show me this film wants to me more than a direct to dvd cheapie. I liked the premise that the hillbillies basically destroy the city to try and get their father figure out of jail, and with the idea of it being a festival where everyone dresses up like them for cheap scares, really showed that they did this time put some thought into this film.

The script was the shock, it actually played on the Scream-factor a lot and tried to show it was a smart film at times like when one of the characters tells the group, “if we split up that is what they want it would be easier to kill us”. But, to stay true to the horror genre a scene after you knew they would be splitting up. This film is just an all-out gore fest that never fails to deliver a kill at least once every five minutes. My issue with the Wrong Turn franchise is easy, where do they go next? It just seems as with this film as well, it does get a bit redundant and never shies away from the same formula as they have used and abused since part 2. Doug Bradley was a good addition to the film and little touches like that mean a lot to make people buy into a 5th film.

I liked that the director put some thought into how to make the peril seem a lot worst and not have cell phone service or any form of modern technology, when they took out both the power to the city and phone service. It beat the regular, “I cannot get reception”. The only negative I really have about this is that a lot of it felt so familiar and similar that they did not try to really do more with this concept, than what we have seen in all the other entries into this franchise. The beginning of the film was a nice twist it told us about 1817 and how the population of this town all disappeared due to the hillbillies, but why do they have a celebration for the slaughtering of their forefathers?

The film did not focus much on the event as it did the prison where Doug Bradley was one of the prisoners. The only time we got to see the festival is when the local police were nailing groupies to give them backstage passes. My question is, and I may be really overthinking this, you are at a festival and all of a sudden there is a blackout, and no one is panicking? Again, this film was fun and it gave so much blood and violence that you feel this was their apology for Part 4. All in all, if you are a fan of the franchise, you will not go wrong with this film. If you are new to the franchise and curious start with Part 1, you may want to gradually work your way to this one. Well, Wrong Turn has went from a once every few years franchise to what seems like once a year direct to dvd Halloween gift, maybe next year we will get them in space?

7.5 out of 10