Movie Review-Werewolf: The Beast Among Us

The other night I was thinking to myself before watching this film, how many werewolf movies have there been in the last 30 years that were really good? Let’s think, there was Dog Soldiers, An American Werewolf in London, Ginger Snaps, Silver Bullet to some and The Howling. I mean the last Werewolf film we had was that awful Anthony Hopkins one The Wolfman. When rumors started to run last year about a new Werewolf film, people assumed it would be the next chapter to the Wolfman film. Werewolf: The Beast among us is set in the 19th Century in a small village when the film starts off we watch a young woman run for her life from what we assume is the wolf, when she stumbles upon a family and she turns into the wolf herself and kills the parents as a young man watches. Now 25 years later, the young lad has grown up and become a wolf hunter. He stumbles upon a village that is being attacked from something that is not like any other werewolf before it. As you can guess a hunting group is formed and is dead set on trying to kill the wolf, but when the villagers start to get attacked one by one and are turning into beasts as well, paranoia starts that people think it may be someone among them doing this.

Now keep this in mind before we go any further with this review, this is a direct to dvd low budget horror film. While some of the kills looked very fake and silly, the acting and script were really better than I thought it had any right to be. Now I am not calling this a classic, or even worth buying but it was a lot better than looking at the cover you would expect it to be. This film is heavy into the clichés, and the film really does not get going and firing on all cylinders until the final 35 minutes. I wish that the crew would have put more thought in the first two thirds of the film, as they did the final third of the film. I mean with a few fine tunings here and there this could have been on the big screen. I mean in a market right now that each film is vying for your dollars; I am not so sure if I could recommend any of you to buy it, or even pay for VOD rental maybe a redbox or Netflix rental at best.

When you think about it, it is really sad that we have not had a good werewolf film in how many years now? I will say this film is better than the last few wolf films including Red Riding Hood, anything Twilight, The Wolfman, the Howling Reborn, and whatever I feel I am missing all combined. Now, that is not really saying a lot, but if you liked any of those films you may be the one to pay the cash to buy this. This film is part of the Universal line up that consists of whatever Scorpion King film they are on now, Death Race 3, American Pie 14, and etc. where they take a popular title you may be familiar with and create a cheaper direct to dvd version for you guys to rush out and buy or want to see. All in all, this was an ok film that is better than most direct to dvd fare, but again that really is not a compliment. I liked it a little more than I thought I could like it that is fair.

6 out of 10