Movie Review-Turn Me On, Dammit!

Turn me on, Dammit! is a teen sex comedy that offers something different, this time it is about a young girl who is consumed by lustful fantasies of getting laid and her hormones. Alma is a few weeks away from 16, and as she is starting to mature into a young lady she is becoming very horny, to the point she has to masturbate to phone sex and often daydreams into her world of lust. In the small town of Skoddenheimen in Norway, Alma is in love with Artur, there is only one problem he is dating one of Alma’s friends. Well one night at a party when Alma goes outside to drink alone, Artur follows her and pulls out his penis and pokes her on the leg with it. This freaks out Alma, so she goes back to the party and tells her friend about what happened, and no one believes her and of course Artur will never admit to this. So, everyone turns on her and she has become an outcast.

This film was a welcome breath of fresh air, how many films have we seen where the awkward young boy is the one who is consumed by lust and deals with maturing, it is great to finally get the female perspective. This film was funny, with the awkwardness of the script; this film gives you shocks but with the shock comes a sense of warmth and tenderness. You are appalled and feeling sorry for Alma at the same time, as she is trying to come to terms with her sexuality. This film told a beautiful story from the point of view of Alma, who narrates throughout the whole film to us. The actors in this film were all very good in their parts, from Alma’s mom who is trying to understand her daughter but her sexual awakening has pulled them apart to her only friend who did not turn on her Sara, who steals every scene she is in, in this film with her offbeat humor and also her devil may care attitude. This film while the description makes it sound like some cheap sex comedy, really comes across as such a brave, very well written and very real film that tackles so many issues in its own quirky way. From school rebellion, to sex, to alcohol and even abandonment this film covers so much for its 70 minute time frame.

This film is Norwegian with English subtitles; the special features include a very cool interview with the director who comes across as very funny and also very deep. For her to talk about this film the way she does in the making of, would inspire anyone to want to watch this film. This film is fresh, unique, brave and very different. While the subject matter may be a little too graphic for some people’s tastes, I still think this film should be seen. This film has to be on in the Oscar contention; it is a groundbreaking, exciting and a very funny film that will make the viewer warm up to the idea that males are not the only one who are confused when it comes to youth and sex. This film is a must watch. And that ending what a great way to send us out laughing.

8.5 out of 10