Movie Review-The Tortured

Coming to home video on Tuesday

Now here is a question to think about. What if your 6 year old son was abducted and murdered and the man who did it you feel got off easy by the courts? Would you and your wife be able to sit there and let him get away with it, or would you guys want to serve your own justice on him? That is the question Elise and Craig Landry are faced with, and given the title of the movie you know what they decide to do.

The latest from Twisted Pictures gives you a revenge film that is more like Death Sentence than Saw. Jesse Metcalfe and Erika Christensen star as the parents, and they go thru all the emotions within a series of minutes. Grief, blaming each other for Benjamin’s abduction, temporary separation, almost in a way they had a checklist and just went thru it to make sure they sold believability to their suffering. Given this is Twisted Pictures; you know they are going to try to overdue the guilt and try to build emotion off of the suffering of others. I thought the flashback scenes were way overdone. This film starts off watching a guy just torture a kid mentally then when the cops come in the next scene, the kid is dead and he is arrested. The thing that irks me the most about this scene and why it did not work, was because he kept going on and on about the cops not having a search warrant and no power to come in his house. They should have used that in the court room to let him walk, and that would have made the film more believable than 2 yuppie parents outsmarting 2 van transfer cops to take over the van and be able to kidnap the prisoner. During the escape with the van, Jesse Metcalfe escapes hitting a deer which causes the van to flip over repeatedly in a huge ditch. So, now the prisoner is already pretty banged up and hurt.

Well now they have the prisoner in their hideaway in the woods and want to make him pay, and what a shock Craig is a doctor and in one scene earlier to set up for the kidnapping, he gets caught inside an ambulance while he is on leave from work. The kicker to that scene, before he was caught, he was loading a duffle bag up with medical supplies. Now, get this he walks away with a full bag clearly showing he has medical stuff inside and the people who catch him, never question it or look inside the bag. I want to work for that hospital. So they are torturing this guy to get revenge for their dead son, and they chain him up in a basement and above him they place a key that the doctor clearly tells the guy, this is the escape key. And you know with Twisted Pictures, they are going to torture this guy to the point of every other torture film you have seen. And eventually, that key will come into play.

My problem with this film, was not so much the dialogue or characters, it was the actors. Erika is clearly out of her element and it shows. She has zero to no personality in this film and the scenes with her grieving suffer for it. Jesse Metcalfe is also out of his element, he tries to make us believe how much he wants this guy to suffer but it just comes across as trying to make himself believe more than us. Of course, it would not be a TP production without the Saw twist. Why everything they do have to be rewinded for us and over explained and then something that just seems out of left field happens? And, this one made little to no sense with that twist, almost like a cheap way to end this film. All in all, this film had some decent enough moments here and there, but as a whole, if it is on fearnet for free check it out and be warned. If you pay for it, trust me in the end you will have paid for it.

3 out of 10

  • JoLee

    It’s interesting that you pose that questions about what would you do because there was a case of a young girl that was abducted and murdered here less than three weeks ago. I can only imagine that some things that go on in this feature are being experienced by the parents of this little girl. I’m curious about this movie now so I added it to my Blockbuster @ Home queue and the film should be here via mail in just a few days. I like Jesse Metcalfe and he did a fantastic job in TNT’s Dallas over the summer so I hope that his acting skills translate well into the movie. I work for DISH so I’ve been using Blockbuster for a while and I’m glad that they had this movie. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the actors aren’t as bad as you say they are. Thank goodness that I’m just renting the movie.