Movie Review-The Pact

Coming to home video November 6th

Plot-Annie on the request of her sister comes back home for her mom’s funeral, when she returns to their childhood house, she finds out that her sister is missing, so after spending a night at the house looking for her, now her friend is missing as well. With the help of the only cop who believes her story, she is out to find them when she realizes that the house may not be what it seems and holds a powerful secret.

Review-Talk about a shock, I heard all the hype about this film and saw the casting of Casper Van Dien in one of the main roles, and thought there is no way. Well, there is a way. This is probably Casper’s best role since the original Starship Troopers; he plays a cop that tries to help out Annie to find out what happened to her sister. Where this is different from all the other paranormal and ghost films, are that the characters are not naïve and dumb. They do what we would all do in certain moments, like when Annie finds out the house has a spirit inside of it, she hauls ass right out the door and does not look back, then realizes she left her sister’s baby in the house. And just goes in the house as fast as humanly possible and leaves just as fast. No having to yell for a kid, or running around like there is nothing to fear. This film clearly knew about the stereotypical film and went against it. And it hurts none that the main character is played by “it girl” Caity Lotz from Death Valley; she really sells this film and really has a chance to show off her acting chops. Given this is the debut from Nicholas McCarthy, I am just impressed that he really respected horror fans and at least thought outside of the paranormal box, and made a smart film that really seems more to show that horror can be effective, yet smart. You know films like this have a twist and a reveal, and he also handles that with almost a passion to try and get the audience to jump, or be scared. The reveal begins with a medium going into the house, and when she starts to freak out and there is a image suspended from the ceiling, it just creates such a suspense, because the stuff that happen after it, just make the scene work so much more.

Also included is a small little cameo from Agnes Bruckner who showed so much promise in The Woods and sadly since then, just did not live up to the promise. This film, gives you a few shining moments that she delivers, that you really know all she needs is the right project and a chance, and she can get it back. Very well written script, and very effective scares, this film is better than all 3 Paranormal Activity films combined. And if you guys ever watched the first season of Look, and got into the character of Amanda, Haley is in this and she plays the medium Stevie. From start to finish, this was a very fun ride that gave me hope that more paranormal films will hopefully respect the viewer more and not try to insult our intelligence. Caity Lotz will be a major star, hopefully in more than Bring it on 15.

8 out of 10

  • Hunter

    Thank you for posting the trailer for The Pact, James. I saw that it’s available to rent, but I wanted to check out the trailer before I added it to my queue. I am having a few of my coworkers from DISH over for a little scary movie marathon on Saturday. We are all bringing a movie, and I decided on The Pact. I just ordered it from my DISH Blockbuster @Home service and I should have it in time for movie night. I love a good supernatural flick, and this one looked especially creepy. From your review, it sounds like I made the right choice.