Movie Review-The Invisible War

The Invisible War is a documentary that talks about the cases and reports of rape and sexual misconduct that our troops have committed on other troops both female and at times male. This film is filled with statistics that are alarming; we learn that 20 percent of all female military personnel have dealt with rape and sexual assault, we also learn that out of 3 thousand cases only 515 people are punished. The story in this film is told thru the eyes of the brave men and women who share and open up about their experiences and trauma. The women also tell stories that while trying to seek justice they were either ignored or they were treated like they did something wrong. One of the survivors tells a story about how rape was not good enough for her assailant, that he hit her so hard that he broke all the discs in her mouth, and that this event traumatized her so much that 5 plus years later she still finds it hard to even have intimacy with her husband. When people hear the word rape we all hope it is not us, or our family but when you see that word with a face that could be anyone’s mother, wife, daughter, sister, cousin or even brother or dad it is just heartbreaking, such a cruel act that you would think our military as disciplined as they are, would not allow it to happen.

This film was based off of US Government studies, and the statistics it gives us from 1971 to present day are staggering. This film focuses on the damage that is caused by sexual trauma, and as sad as the women were, they had a few guys on here who spoke that you know had to go thru hell because who wants to go in front of his peers in the military and report he was raped by other men? Especially since the military is so hard on gays, then why would another military man be raped by a military man? This film shows how the military makes excuses and never punishes its own, and the women who get hurt or discharged for this conduct are frowned upon and never get a dime. Even in the case of the woman who goes to the doctor and has X rays to prove that it happened, is still denied benefits. And another one was told that her paperwork and pictures of the abuse she went thru was gone missing. This film also shows that most of the men who are guilty of these crimes are rewarded.

I watched this film in pure horror, because I have a niece who is in the military and know several other women who are actively serving, and I hate to think this is a part of what they deal with. This film left me with a thought of what seperates a man from an animal? This is conduct you expect to hear about in a prison cell, not our US military. This film is powerful, packs quite the emotional punch and is very good. I would say as far as documentaries go this is a must watch, that anyone with any kid in the military should rush out and see immediately.

9 out of 10