Movie Review-The Giant Mechanical Man

Janice is a woman in her mid-30’s who is lost in life; she is having a hard time trying to find where she fits in to the big picture. She is a temp agency employee who cannot hold down a job, and gets fired from her agency. She cannot pay her bills or rent, and is forced to move out and ask her over-bearing baby sister Jill to let her stay there till she gets back on her feet. On the other side of the coin, we meet a man named Tim, who dresses up like this 10 foot silver painted mechanical street performer. He views his existence for helping people find themselves and give people hope and a smile. His girlfriend wants a more responsible man who is up to par with her male coworkers, so she dumps him. Well, one night Tim gets noticed on the street doing his act is invited to go on the news to talk about what his purpose is. It so happens that the night he goes on, Janice is watching the news. Janice finds the Mechanical Man one day on the street and tells her story, and walks away without Tim saying anything. Well, Tim goes out to get a real job to find his purpose because he lets his ex-girlfriend and her words get to him about not doing anything with his life. Well, he gets a job as the janitor at the zoo, and as fate would have it Janice gets a job there as well. While he knows who she is, she has no idea that Tim was the one who dressed up as the Man.

I loved this film from first scene to last; it really was both sad and funny and worked with an amazing script and characters that will speak to you. We all feel lost at times, and this film shows us we are not alone. This film shows us that it just takes one person to turn our lives and problems around for us, and we have to be open for it. Janice when she is at the zoo working as a cashier selling some kind of jumbo juice is the example of all of us at one time or another, that took a job out of necessity and sucking in our pride. I can speak for myself, I have many times felt so out of place and lost and wondered where I fit into all of it. Who doesn’t? This film shows us that we are not so few that the most secure people on the surface are the most fucked up underneath it. When Janice and Tim start dating it was fun and you cheer it on, because you see two people who are so lost and in pieces, and then they meet and they are found and a whole.

There is no way this film cannot make my top ten films of 2012, I absolutely loved this film and felt like it was a story that I can relate to and spoke to me. There is this little side story that added the humor to the film as Topher Grace played this obnoxious self-help author who has a crush on Janice, and between his bad wig and him going against everything he teaches others to use, was the perfect comedy relief for this otherwise fun romantic comedy. Jenna Fischer as Janice is 2012’s Annie Hall. What a good film, that I cannot stop talking about.

10 out of 10