Movie Review-Supernatural Activity

Coming to home video November 6th

Supernatural Activity is a spoof that mocks films like Paranormal Activity, The Last Exorcism, Blair Witch Project and all those paranormal investigation tv shows. The film starts off in a place called Hicksville, Texas and we meet the leader of this paranormal group who calls himself Damon Dealer. Damon and his team of investigators are on the hunt for something that is called the Smallsquatch, which we are led to believe could be a spirit, or a 6 foot Bigfoot. When Dewey and Mitzy tell our group that they think they can help them find the Smallsquatch is when the film really starts to find its footing sort of. The team get there, and they try to speak to the ghost of Patrick Swayze, and when the spirit talks back of what we are to assume is a possessed Patrick Swayze is when the film breaks down into two different directions, half of the group stay in the house to deal with this spirit, the other half go into the woods after the Smallsquatch.

This film mocks the Paranormal Activity bedroom scene, and at first it was funny, but they kept on trying to milk this scene more and more and eventually the jokes got to be irritating and played out far too long, which is the problem with this film for the most part. Now, I am saying this is a bad film; I really laughed at this film quite a few times and for the most part had an ok time with it. This film had issues with the pacing, and at times the delivery of the material. I notice these issues with most indie spoof films, they try so hard to take a joke and just keep on and on, that they do not know when to abandon it and it is not working or funny. This film is 90 of their jokes per scene; with maybe one or two that will make you smirk or laugh. They just try to pack so much into each scene that you really start to just get frustrated that the director, writer and crew did not have more patience or faith in this material to let it breathe and maybe not try to spoof so much so and concentrate on trying to be funnier.

I wanted to really like this film more, I mean the trailer looks promising and the actors try their best to really work hard to make this film fun. I thought this film played it safe at times; I would have liked to see them maybe push the envelope a little with the material and direction of the film. Though, the exorcism with the sprite being used instead of holy water was silly and the little jokes here and there throughout saved this film for me from really hating it. I know I would watch this film again with friends, because it is so cheesy and just a film that we all will sit there and like more as we get more drunk. All in all, this film is worth a rental, it is far from perfect but for the little here and there jokes in each scene that did work, I think some people may like this film. I mean, with all the bad things happening right now in this world and with the upcoming elections ahead we all need a good laugh, before the four year one starts.

6 out of 10