Movie Review-Legendary Amazons

Legendary Amazons seems like a new adaptation to the Shaw Brothers 1972 film 14 Amazons. This film is produced and basically funded by Jackie Chan, and directed by Frankie Chan. You know having the Americanized Jackie Chan influence that this film would be more humor based then the original was. This film was such a miss for me. From the lame and weak script, to the direction of the film and the cheesy acting that is all over this film. The film if you are not familiar with this film, it is set in the Song Dynasty, when the men of the Yang Clan are killed in battle, their women seek vengeance and put on armor and get swords from old to young and lead an army to battle. With this film it is not what went wrong, it is what they should have fixed before releasing. This film is promising us a lot, and in the end it really did not deliver anything. You have Cecilia Cheung and this is what you give her to work with? This is the woman who came out of Shaolin Soccer and all of Hong Kong called her the next big name to crossover to American cinema, this film clearly shows that they were wrong.

I mean for this film where does the fault lie, it had a huge budget and had actors who could carry this film, what excuses can be made for how bad it is? I wonder to myself what Jackie Chan thinking was. With all the names attached to this project, I expected so much more. There are some action sequences that came across ok, and the battle scene was decent and would be a minor hit, but for this film being watchable for a few scenes is really sad. The humor of this film is flat, it is supposed to be funny when the Yang clan set off to war and it was not funny to me. The women having no sense of gravity and being able to leap and perform stunts was just bad. The script is so poorly written that when you start to think about the dialogue at the end of the film, you realize how messy and incoherent it came across that you really hate yourself more for watching it all the way thru. I know that some people love Jackie Chan, and will watch this film and have a blast with it. I like Rush Hour, I like what Jackie can do. This though, is not what Jackie can do and just comes across as a bad and expensive excuse to try and make a modern day Hong Kong film that can compete with Ishtar.

2 out of 10