Movie Review-Hungry for Change

To start this review off with a story that will explain what I felt about this film. It was 2005, I was 37 at the time and worked for a very prominent financial company. I did lending and collections. My boss fired the repo man, and took me in the office and asked me if I wanted to be the repo manager as well. At the time all I cared about was the money amount. I would never get a chance to have a proper lunch, so I would indulge myself on junk and crap and January 2nd, I had to be rushed to the hospital I had a heart attack. In high school, I ran track and played baseball and was always athletic, I did not think this could ever happen to me, I was too young and did not drink booze or do drugs. Then a week later, I was introduced to a film called Super Size Me which Spurlock would do McDonald’s for 30 days and show the effects and it reminded me of what my life has become. So let’s fast forward to 2012, June I had to be rushed to the hospital yet again. This time is that I found out I had many medical conditions including diabetes. No one wants to be sick or think their bodies are failing them. And in America, obesity is such a huge issue. While I have never dealt with obesity, I have dealt with the love of junk food.

Hungry for Change is a film that I showed my teacher in my diabetes class and she taught off of it. This is from the people who gave us Food Matters, and is sure to really get your attention. This is basically the deceptive marketing behind weight loss, dieting and what the food industry does not tell you. You know most of that low fat bread they sell, is actually worse than regular bread for you. This documentary paints the diet industry in a very bad light. Showing us what keeps the food so addicting and we keep coming back for them. This film seems to really challenge the status quo yet again, but does it in a more friendly than usual way.

I feel we have a sense of convenience, like I did when I used to work all those hours and had to have a quick fix, but this film shows you that you want to take care of yourself and look out for health. While documentaries like this seem to be redundant and carry the same message as the last one, I still had fun with this and really was into it. This film seems to venture off at times into things like skin products and visualization. They tried to pack so much into this little film, and I felt that they really should have just concentrated on the main topic and focus more on that then tell us side things that really seem put in just to be thrown in. All in all, this was a good little watch that people who have not watched any of these films before may like, and the ones who have seen the others may not.

7 out of 10