Movie Review-Hold Your Breath

In the last few years The Asylum have grown leaps and bounds in terms of the films they are putting out, while they still have a slip here and there, they have really been improving. On October 5th The Asylum announced its first attempt at a big screen debut in the form of a film called Hold Your Breath. Now, before we go any further if you are expecting the first big screen debut to be a mockbuster or some syfy original film, you are going to be very shocked. This film opens in 9-14-1956 in a place called Godchild Sanitarium, the most evil killer ever Derrick Van Klaus is going to be executed. Well as he is about to be strapped in he kills a guard, and when he is being tied down he tells everyone that they are all sinners and they will all pay, an eye for an eye. Well, like all horror films that have a serial killer being executed a bad storm happens during this, he is dead but his soul will roam each year on the anniversary of the execution in the local grave.

Well, we come to modern day now and 7 twenty something friends from school decide to have that weekend trip away from everything, as they start to load the truck, Johnny who seems to be the leader of this brigade informs everyone no cell phones on this trip because that is why it is called a getaway. Well on the ride, we get to know the characters a little bit from the slacker stoner Kyle, who seems to not be able to go three seconds without weed, to the other 6 who are all couples and seem to be oversexed. Well, we learn about a myth that when you pass a graveyard you are supposed to hold your breath, because if you do not an evil spirit who roams around the graveyard can possess you. I know it sounds silly, but trust me it is anything but silly. Well, as they pass the graveyard everyone except Kyle holds their breath and the spirit of Derrick possesses him. As this film goes on the spirit can jump body to body, because now the spirit is free and can go anywhere inside anyone it wants and possess them in the form of a little cloud.

I really think the Asylum has made a very quality horror film that really was a fun time. The story at times tends to move slow and drag, but the gore and premise more than made up for the short comings. The kills literally take the “eye for an eye” justice thing to heart and each kill is more graphic than the last. The film played it smart by letting us know at all times who is possessed while the characters are clueless and oblivious to all around them and has no idea that there is a spirit. It is not until the hour mark when they run into McBride that they know what is going on around them. McBride was one of the guards during the execution and he is dead-set on killing this spirit once and for all. The film towards the end gets a little silly by freeing another spirit and then the one liners McBride has to spew all the time. But, those thoughts aside this was a very big step for The Asylum, and this is a very good horror film that people will have fun with. This is a film that is tailor made for a midnight crowd, and if you have the chance to see it in a movie theater, this is a blast and one you will not regret. All in all, Hold Your Breath is a fun horror film that will have you breathless after you watch it.

8 out of 10