Movie Review-God’s Ears

Alexia is an exotic dancer, one morning she goes into a diner down the road to get breakfast. By chance, she meets Noah who is an autistic man who tells her about eggs and chickens. This conversation sticks with Alexia, and she goes back to see him the next week at the diner, and thru all these meetings Alexia and Noah start to form a bond. Can 2 people from 2 different worlds, find a connection? This film tackles a topic that America has a hard time tackling and that is autism. There is such ignorance in this world about what it truly is, and the effects it has on people. This film addresses it in a way that I think will touch almost anyone who watches it. This film is funny, heartfelt, sad, and also a triumph. This film takes two people who have absolutely nothing in common, and creates a bond from the simplest of things, chance. This film addresses that love can touch anyone and affects everyone. This film had a simple beauty to it, that did not feel forced or try to be sappy, it felt real. To see Alexia look into Noah’s eyes and not knowing how Noah feels or if he can feel really will move you. When Alexia and her friend Candy take Noah to see his grandparents because they think they are picking up Noah’s mother, really painted a picture with Candy how most people at first think about autism.

We also learn on the farm that Noah has an autistic relative named Uncle Steve, who as the girls stay overnight with Noah’s relatives, you see Candy warm up to autism and talk to Steve and try to understand him. This film was not preachy, nor message heavy and I was so happy that it just let the characters breathe and be themselves. There is a little sub story with Noah and his obsession with boxing, he cleans the floors at the local boxing establishment but he obsesses with trying to box. This film basically addresses that people enter our lives for a reason, and that we cannot stop our hearts from what they feel. This film is a deep character study into the lives of two souls, one innocent of anything around him and the other damaged from all around her. Alexia tells Noah she works at a sushi bar, and we see when people ask her about her job she is ashamed to admit she is a stripper. Which brought up another topic this film brought up and that is classification, how you think the world will judge you if they knew the true you. Eventually, Noah asks her out on a date and she stands him up, and it is a heart wrenching scene to watch the pain he is going thru, I been thru that pain as have a lot of people. And, when you can identify with the pain, it makes the film so much more digestible and believable. This film has some flaws, like the actual boxing match I thought was sort of silly, and the strip club and no girls get naked but the door and the sign says Nude Girls, but they wear all their garments and never get naked. Why even go this route if you are not going to have nudity? Why couldn’t she just be an escort or someone who gives messages? I get the polar opposite thing, but why offer something you are not going to deliver? These are only minor gripes, because this film is really a great date film, and she will cry and you will cry, and she will hold you and you will hold her back. All in all, this is a great film and I would say if you are in the mood for a romantic light hearted comedy, and cry fest this is it.

8.5 out of 10