Movie Review-General Eduaction

General Education centers around Levi Collins, he got a scholarship to the local university for tennis that his father went to before him. His future is beginning to shape up pretty well, until he comes to school 3 hours late only to find out Ms. Bradford is going to fail him for science. Well when a bribe does not work, he enrolls in summer school so his parents will not find out. As you can guess in this summer school class he finds out more about himself falls in love with a girl and learns so many life lessons.

This teen comedy was fun for the most part but really did not have much that stood out to me and set it apart from the others in this genre. This film at times tries to play heavy on emotions and those parts to me seemed so unbelievable. You watch Levi have to struggle with love, playing tennis, getting his education and trying to keep his family in the dark about his failing. This is one of those films that you watch along with it, and know you have to sustain your disbelief but you also wonder when reality will set in and you can fully believe. The actors for the most part do a very good job with what they are given and seem to mesh well with each other and the situations that are presented to them.

That all being said, there is nothing really that stood out to me, and I wish for the most part they would have put more meaning into the script and some depth. This is a film that will take you from point A to point B, with nothing in its way to a predictable conclusion. The film capitalizes on the stereotypical characters and tries to make them over the top when in reality we have seen all those as well. My problem is that this film should have tried to think outside the box of what we come to expect from these films and really tried to give us a better film than average.

This is not a bad film per se, it is just a film that we have seen over and over with only the faces changing. I mean you have Larry Miller and Janeane Garofalo as the parents and they could not be let loose to really go for it, both have amazing comedic chops and are talented enough to improv in needed, it just felt like they just went with the flow and were restrained. All in all, this is worth a rental if you love this genre of films, you won’t be letdown and probably like it as well. I just wish it was more, but lord knows I am happy it was not less than it was.

7 out of 10