Movie Review-Dust Up

Coming to home video on November 13th

Dust Up from start to finish is fucking nuts, and a lot of fun. I am assuming here, but this felt like a throwback 80’s western in the Mad Max universe. Or better yet, picture this Hal Hartley pre Trust, wrote the script and a young Tarantino was directing and they were remaking the Penelope Spheeris film Dudes. This film has such an odd sense of humor to it, it is not laugh out loud funny, but it is a this is fucked up sort of funny or how can you say that kind of funny. The more demented you like your films, the more you will warm up to this film. This film starts off normal enough, and it felt like an indie in the middle of the desert sort of film. In the middle of this nowhere is the oddest assortment of characters, and we get to meet them all. Jack is introduced to us first, Jack has a patch on his eye, and he lost his eye in the military. (Don’t worry we get the flashback scene that show us graphically, what happens) Jack is the High Desert Handyman now, and his life is simple and stress free. But, this all changes for Jack and his Native American sidekick, when they get more than they bargained for when Jack goes to fix a woman’s shower,and during the estimate of how much it will cost and what is wrong, he takes a liking to her. Ella is a married woman with a child, but you can tell right away with her and Jack that there is a chemistry. Well, Jack learns that Ella’s husband is a junkie who is in debt to the local drug lord Buzz, Jack decides to help them out, and loans them a third of what he owes for a down payment to buy him some time to get the rest. Well, along with the sidekick, Jack and Herman go to meet Buzz and offer the cash. As you can guess with most drug dealers, they are not in the down payment or partial payment job.

When they enter Buzz’s bar to try and pay on the bill, the film changed gears and went into more violent and bloody territory. We meet some of Buzz’s henchmen, which include a clueless yes man, an insane crowd of people who are at his beck and call, and a lizard man bodyguard. This film just literally goes off the tracks into pure insanity, this film may be a lot of things, insane, vile, bloody, vulgar, but lord was this film so much fun. Travis Betz plays Herman, the drug lush who brings all this trouble upon Jack, the sidekick and his own family, and is so oblivious and only wants another fix. Betz just like his films has such an obscure style of comedy, that is delivery in this film really was the payoff to his character, in a way we feel sorry for him, but when he keeps bringing what happens upon himself and just is so clueless to when the shit does hit the fan, it is hilarious. All the actors really brought their a-game to the characters and to this film, and it showed.

All in all, this film was a very fun ride and I think all of you would have a good time with this film. The last half hour is for all you gore hounds and you get plenty to get the preverbal hard on or wet undies for. You get kills, cannibalism, violence and just piles of insanity on top of the heaping they gave you till the final half hour. Director Ward Roberts (who like a few of the others in this film was a part of Betz’s film Lo) has issues, some serious issues and this film seems like a plea for help. So help him out and watch the film, you will not regret it.

8.5 out of 10