Movie Review Double Shot-Where Evil Lives and Chillers

It is October, and that means we are heading towards Halloween. Troma has decided this year to re-release to dvd some old vhs horror films from yesteryear. You can say what you want, but Troma on these re-releases or in some cases first time on dvd they really give us very good production value and excellent transfers. Now, that does not make a bad film any better but it helps when films do suck to at least know they looked and sounded good. Let us take a look and review the latest offerings.

Where Evil Lies-I would like to open this with the opening monologue by Mr. Troma himself Lloyd Kaufman. The little sequence that seems to open almost all the Troma films this time shows a box with him and Toxie claiming to be homeless and selling dvds for 1.00. Then, Lloyd goes into this rant about the conglomerates and sell outs.I hate when they decide to open these films with this stuff, it is meant to be informative and I guess funny, but it comes across as sounding like sour grapes. Lloyd if you’re bashing others for selling out, what do you call these remakes of Mother’s Day, the upcoming Toxic Avenger, and hell even the Toxie cartoon? You talk like you are above all this, but in actuality you also my friend can be called a sellout. I am not mad about him selling out, I am just upset that he points the finger at all those around him who do it, but will not be honest and admit he did it as well. Onto the film finally, the film opens with serial killer Hubert Whitehead getting out of jail after 23 years on parole for the murders of some kids at a local fraternity house. The house where the murders happened has been sold to a family who want to start a new life in town, but the memories and past of that house will not let this happen. This would be the last film of Claude Akins life, and he plays Jack Devlin who is a caretaker at the Spencer House and tells of the horror that happened inside. To be honest, this film is fun and it offers so much fun scary stuff that this would be perfect to watch on Halloween night with the lights all shut off. While Claude Akins really does a great job, it is the character of Hubert who comes across as creep, just looking at him you know this guy is not all fucking there. Not exactly a film I would ever think Troma would put out, this feels like a film that you would expect a blu ray, a double disc, and a assload of special features. This has special features galore, but not too many pertain to this film as it focuses more on Troma and their company. This film in a nutshell is recommended but I would have loved to see more done with it in terms of packaging and just pulling back from the heavy Troma material and maybe putting more into this film.

7.5 out of 10

A lost anthology gem from the 80’s about 5 people at a bus depot who while bored waiting for the overdue bus decide to tell each other horror stories. I love anthology films and the lower the budget the more fun to me. These stories well nightmares they tell each other border from somewhat fun to very corny but barely passable. To me the stories felt like a very low budget version of the Twilight Zone in the later days before it ended its run, definitely not when it was beginning. To break the ice Lindsey tells the group about some odd dream she had, which we get to see this dream in actual time. Then we find out that the others had dreams as well that were bizarre. Each of the dreams are almost like short little stories we get to see play out. For you zombie fans, Lindsey’s dream has to do with zombies and a pool. Mason’s dream story deals with friends on a camping trip and psychopaths. Sharon tells people about a dream that had her lusting a late night news anchor and vampires. Ronnie dreams of being able to reanimate the dead and make them alive. And the Professor dreams of the Aztec god of war Ixpe. While this film is no Grim Prairie Tales or Creepshow level, it was bad to a point but was kind of fun for what it was and offered

While not as fun as Where Evil Lives this was not a total clunker, it had some good storytelling and while the plot at times seemed choppy, it really did try to entertain us. All in all, it is worth a rental barely.

6.5 out of 10