Movie Review-Conception

Conception is the story of 7 to 9 couples ( I was not sure it went thru characters by the second) and how they became parents, while some were willing and wanting to be parents, some were not so willing. The film opens in a classroom of little kids and the teacher is David Arquette and he makes the mistake of asking the children if they have any questions they want to ask, and one kid asks him where do babies come from and David gets squeamish about the question, and does not want know how or want to answer it. So the other kids want to know as well. It goes into a silly scenario where some of the kids know and David tries to get them to not share the info. From there we go into the stories of 7 to 9 couples and how they all become pregnant. At times, the story goes back and forth, split screen, and just gives you so much to keep up with. This is a very ambitious film and has a great sense of humor at times, but it is way too heavy on the characters and the back and forth that some of the stories were not as effective as they could have been.

We go from one story where the girl comes home and finds out her boyfriend stole her money and destroys his television with a bat and they fight and she just keeps going off on him before he can explain what happened, then we go to the next story which involves some young kids who look 16 and when the girl finds out the boy likes meat, makes a deal that if he becomes a vegan she will have sex with him, to a couple that wants to do sex on video. These three stories along with the others, which include a neurotic man whose woman wants to get pregnant and a lesbian couple who want to do the artificial thing, and then there are still more stories to keep going with. And the film is only 90 minutes. I do not mind a film that gives us intercut stories and takes on different people at different stages of life, but this film has just too much going on at once that I wish it would have focused more on maybe a few of the couples and built their stories up. The nudity in this film to me was a bit much, it felt thrown in to keep the interest in certain characters. I love the humor in this film and found myself laughing a lot, at times this film felt like it was channeling Woody Allen and at others it reminded me of Love, American Style. Another thing that made me frown on this film was the pathetic way it ended, talk about a cheat. This film wanted to be everything to everyone, and thought it could have its cake and eat it too. Horrible ending that made me want to yell at the screen about investing me into it enough to see how it would end up. This film had too many spoons in its bowl, and should have concentrated on less and it would have flowed better and been way more fun. As it turned out, this film was ok to a point but should have been so much more.

6 out of 10