Movie Review-Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes

Coming to Home Video in November

Welcome to the Lost Coast, it is located in California and has the highest number of Sasquatch sightings in the world. This found footage film is the last days of a group of people who are working on trying to make a reality show about Bigfoot and got wind of this guy named Drybeck who is a Bigfoot Hunter who says he possesses the body of a dead Sasquatch. So this crew with TV fame in their eyes travel to the middle of nowhere to meet this guy, and when they meet him he makes the guys put on hoods and get in his truck. They go further into the woods in the middle of nowhere to this log cabin and two little cabins across it and this electrical fence that surrounds them. As you can guess at first our team our non-believers, even when they hear noises that cannot be explained and see all these huge scratch marks and foot prints, they think someone is pulling a joke on them. As the days continue, they soon learn that the joke is them.

I will be honest, if you are going into this film for the Bigfoot stuff you are going to be letdown you get zero to none thru the whole film. This film took a simple approach and I guess knew that the monster may come off as looking cheesy, so they did not even go that route. We get little hints here and there, but this film was so fun and creepy that I enjoyed it and did not mind the absence of a creature. The characters for the most part were very believable and keep your attention from the geeky boom mic guy Kevin who has such a dry humor that you just have fun with what he offers. Then, they have the female Robyn who is a psychic and knows that something just does not seem right about all this. You have the lead character Sean who this is his production and puts up almost 100k to make this a reality and is such a skeptic that everything we deem scary he deems as having a explanation. Even when the noises get the worst, he claims that they are being pranked. Then, there is Daryl who just goes with the flow, the kind of person that if everyone jumped off a bridge he would follow and try to hit first. The chemistry between all the characters seemed to work very well, and they felt very comfortable with each other and really shined. Drybeck just comes across as that old man in the woods who we try to steer clear of.

Ok the film does not give you Bigfoot stuff, but make no mistake about it this film gives you some cool gore and blood moments. This film gives you a creepiness that felt like Blair Witch meets Troll Hunter. Now, I am not saying this film is anywhere close to either of those but this film was not a waste either. This film is a slow burn and it takes around 40 plus minutes to get into any blood, but the story builds so much that you invest an interest into their well-being and trying to figure everything out as well. I am not sure how many people will be cool with this ending, but I loved it and to me the ending made the film what it was to me. This film is far from perfect, but you found footage fans will probably like this film just as much as me. This had the build of Grave Encounters, the slow workings to build a suspense that felt like someone was tightening the rubber band around us. A very good film that shows less is more.

8 out of 10