Movie Review-Bedevilled

Bedevilled is about a finance woman named Hae-won who witnessed a crime, but chooses not to get involved, though the ones guilty think she did talk to the police. At work, stress is getting to her and when she is suspended for hitting a coworker she decides to travel from the mainland of Seoul to Moo-do Island, an island in the middle of nowhere that she has a childhood past with and a friend in Kim Bok-nam. Little does Hae-won know that the bad situation and fear she left behind may be tame compared to what she is about to witness and endure. Bok-nam daily gets pushed to the limits by her abusive non caring husband, and how the others on the island turn a blind eye and let things go down the way they do. When Bok-nam realizes her husband is messing around with her pre-teen daughter, her and the daughter plot an escape off the island and when they get caught, her husband kills her daughter. Well, now Bok-nam reaches her breaking point, and when the others let him get away with it and paint her as the one who killed her daughter, and Hae-won her old friend does not even speak up for her, she loses her mind and goes on a killing spree.

What a really good film. To call this a horror film would be very misleading, to say this film is like any film I have seen this year is also misleading. This film from the first scene when Hae-won witnesses a girl get beat up by a guy, and instead of helping the girl she turns a blind eye and does not want to get involved. From there all the trouble in her life, that when she witnesses later what her friend goes thru, her troubles do not seem so bad at all. This film paints a vile, disgusting, sexist, cruel and very violent picture. This film basically shows us two girls who reach a breaking point, one who lives in the mainland goes on vacation and the one on the island thinks the sun talks to her and goes on a killing spree. If the violence towards women in films like The Bunny Game, and Martyrs upsets you, you may want to skip this film. This film is very violent towards women; from graphic sex scenes to graphic beatings this film does not hold back anything. This film also is smart, the story is slow building, and is like the twisting of a rubber band, it builds the tension thru the first hour for when the killing spree starts that you are not really sure who is evil and who is good. This film does a good job at that by the way, of blurring the lines between who is bad and good. This film is unrelenting and at times I wanted to turn away, especially one of the scenes that was hinted upon involving a little girl.

This film from start to finish is a must watch, and will probably be on a lot of people’s top tens of this upcoming year and it deserves to be. Just do not go into this film expecting a horror film, this film has horror elements but comes across like a revenge vengeance film. The script was well done, the acting was top notch and the violence in this film is jaw dropping insane what they do in this film. I really think most of you readers will really get into this film, especially if you like extreme violence. This film is a depressing, vile and sick film that I really liked a lot.

8.5 out of 10