Movie Review-Back From Hell

This found footage film is about 6 friends who are on a break from the chaotic life in the city to go to a manor/chapel in the countryside. Everything seems ok at first until our friends decide to play with an Ouija board, our friends try to rationalize what is happening all around them but soon the events get very horrifying and some of the people become vessels for possessions. Sarah who is pregnant soon finds out that the demonic force they set free wants her unborn child. They try to get Father Elia, who is a local priest to help them, and get the demons exorcised out, but how can you really stop a demon who wants out of hell?

This is another in the long line of found footage films that just seem to be getting more and more redundant. If I sit here and say, this is a found footage film about possessions and spirits and people die, you can almost guess how they will die and you would be correct. The acting for the most part was fair to average; the script was not too bad compared to most of these films. For the most part, I thought it delivered on the scares and was tolerable. This film tries to get you to jump and offers you many jump scares. This film also does that pull away camera which just irritates me, like when they are in a scene and all of a sudden static and we go to something else that makes no sense to what is happening, then right back to the scene again.

This film really has no identity, nothing to really set it apart from the rest. The pacing in this film is what you would expect, the heavy and slow build. The Ouija board scene just felt so silly, why do so many of these films have to rely on this? Why do people rationalize when their friend goes missing and they search in the middle of the night and find him in the woods looking like he is out to kill someone and talking incoherently? This film tries to play it smart like, “who would believe in this stuff” and “why should we run”. And, then as the film goes on, the spirit seems to have an energy field they can kill an automobile battery, and cell phones. All in all, this has a few scares here and there that were decent but not enough to recommend this to you. If you like these types of films, I guess rent this as well but if you are looking for a good scary movie, you may want to keep on looking.

5 out of 10