Movie Review-Airborne

Coming to home video October 16th

Airborne tells the story of flight 686 that takes to the skies during a brutal storm that has grounded every flight out of England, en route to New York with a precious piece of cargo a 100 million dollar vase. The flight suddenly disappears completely off radar. As much as Air Traffic Controller Malcolm (Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill) is stressing out, it is nothing compared to what is happening on this flight. It seems that the pilots are dead, and the flight has been on auto pilot and is not heading towards its destination. While the 10 to 12 people on this flight are in a panic, they have yet to realize that this flight is about to take a very serious turn.

This film is unique for the most part, it creates such paranoia that you are not sure what is going on in this plane and who is who they say they are. When the passengers start disappearing, is when the film just tightens the screws and we are trying to piece this film together. This film has some very good twists and turns throughout that keeps you interested in the film for the most part. When they find out what is in this box that someone brought aboard, is when the film really went for the throat and gave us some very oddly fun bloody moments. Mark Hamill really has fun in his role; these are the kinds of roles that are tailor made for him. To play the overly dramatic cheesy acting character that is trying to be the voice of reason.

This film is not without flaws, it took a little while for this film to really suck us in and once you find out what is in the box and who the bad people are, the film sort of loses its fun. I think they revealed too much too soon, and should have held out for a little while longer. I loved the tension the film was creating, as bad as the acting was they kept you interested by having you keep on trying to figure out what was going on and happening around them. That was another good thing about this film is that they were not oblivious to what was happening, they knew and they acted on it. Not like the ordinary kill film where the body count rises and everyone is acting so dumb like they just all went around the corner nonsense. I like the little subtle touches that show me they respect me and does not think I am new to films like this.

There is also a subplot that involves Air Traffic Control dealing with the local authorities who come in order planes to go seek out the flight and to fire missiles and take the plane down, that was really silly for the most part and took away from the main story which was inside the plane itself. All in all, this film is a good popcorn sit back and relaxing film. When you find out what is really happening on the plane, it will seem really silly but as silly as it does seem, it leads to some good moments in this film. It is worth a rental, might be worth the purchase depending on how cheesy you like your suspense films. The characters all on this flight were all stereotypical and just so overacted, that this flight is worth taking a spin on just for the fun factor alone.

7 out of 10