Movie Review-12/12/12

Coming to home video on December 4th

Last month The Asylum released their first feature length film into theaters with Hold Your Breath, from director Jared Cohn it was a different kind of horror film that had a premise that was original, and was a straight forward horror film. Jared Cohn’s latest film is a bit different; this seems like It’s Alive with a doomsday feel and traces of The Omen thrown in for good measure. The film centers on the happy couple of Veronica and Carlos, they are the proud parents of a child that is born on 12/12/12. Sebastian is not like any other baby, he is the son of the devil and anyone who seems to get in contact with him, dies mysteriously. One thing is for sure, Cohn does not mind giving gore fans tons of blood and killing. The pregnancy scene in the beginning alone goes past any bounds of taste, and delivers a violent, bloody and disgusting child birth scene that may turn off the occasional horror fan, but delight the ones who are in it for the sick and vile. The kills in this film I will say they were well done and plentiful and each one I will say were really more and more over the top then the one before it. The baby has the Omen mind control thing and makes people kill themselves, which led to some really cool things that those deaths alone would warrant at least a rental. The film also did not shy away from material that may be controversial, like a scene that involves the baby going down on his mother. Now a lot of people will read this and think that the scene was an R rated tame, that is one thing I know for sure, this film nothing is tame.

I will be honest; this film is bat shit insane, just pure insanity. You have a baby going down on its mom, you have a girl in the start of this film being sacrificed and it looks like she is being covered in chocolate. You have a deformed baby who watches women get naked, bites nipples and gets insulted from everyone it gets in contact with, how can you not have fun with this film? I know now that Cohn has two horror films under his belt, a lot of bloggers, critics and etc. are praising him to the moon, jumping on his bandwagon and throwing heavy praise on him. No offense, I am not so ready just yet. I am respecting what he is bringing us in terms of films, but I have not really seen that one film that jumped out at me yet and tell me he is a force or the future, now I have seen two very well done films that delivered on fun and good little horror recommends, but I am not sure if that is enough to really praise him just yet to the moon. I think it is too soon, and I would like to see more of his work and then I can determine if I should jump on the bandwagon. Make no mistake about it, the man has major talent and along with Liz Adams are making some of the best films Asylum has seen to date. I am curious as to how he can follow up this film, now that he has shown us he can make a straight ahead horror film and one that borders on parody, but both are still fun nonetheless. Kudos to The Asylum for letting Cohn stick to his vision and not try to water it down or censor it, the man has no bounds and that with his hunger, could make him a very big name in this business very quickly.

7.5 out of 10