Metal Review: Varg – Guten Tag (2012)

Varg - Guten Tag (2012)Varg’s twisted world is a place where pagan, folk, death and black metal all collide to make a sound that is all their own. With their sharp, raspy German vocals (sans the track A Thousand Eyes) and elements from so many genres of metal, Varg is definitely a band that you will remember – love them or hate them. I have been behind this band from day one with 2007’s Wolfszeit, to 2010’s Blutaar and to 2011’s Wolfscult. There albums are diverse, but all have something nice to offer.

The album begins with Willkommen, which is a brief intro to the album neither adding value nor depth to the album. After the opening, we are heading into the title track, Guten Tag, which is an interesting song to say the least. It is very different than much of what Varg has brought to the table before. As expected, the riffs are heavy and strong. The vocals are piercing although a little faster than we are used to from them. Guten Tag ends up being a very good because of its diversity.

After the title track, we are brought to a more typical pagan metal track with Frei wie der Wind. The pagan riffs are catchy and the metal rhythm riffs are crunching and bone-breaking.

Was nicht darf is the following track and it is highlighted by the riffs. Make no mistake about it, Was nicht darf is a riff-driven song. The opening riff is amazing and the verses are done with and without riffing which adds the extra dynamic. The chanting chorus just adds more power and evil to the track.

Blut und Feuer is another nod to pagan metal with their spot-on pagan-style riffs. The song is yet another highlight from the album again. It is a plethora of metal and pagan riffs that never seems to relent in its attack.


Angriff opens with an immensely catchy riff straight into the vocals which have that extra oomph is their delivery. The song takes it to an entirely differnt level about a minute in with a new riff and new vocal structure.

Horizont shows us more of Varg’s death metal side with harsher vocals and heavier riffs while still incorporating aspects of their pagan sound.

A Thousand Eyes is sung in English and brings us yet another alternate aspect to Varg’s sound. The riffs are intense in this one with even pulling in some thrash metal elements.

My biggest problem with Guten Tag is that I cannot pick highlights from the album. Every time that I do, I am forced to change them because I cannot leave out a particular song. It should come as no surprise that I am all over Guten Tag. As long as Varg keeps bringing it, I will keep taking it.

Guten Tag Track Listing:
1. Willkommen
2. Guten Tag
3. Frei wie der Wind
4. Was nicht darf
5. Blut und Feuer
6. Angriff
7. Horizont
8. A Thousand Eyes
9. Wieder mal verloren
10. Gedanke und Erinnerung
11. Leben
12. Anti
13. Apokalypse