Metal Review: Undercroft – Ruins of Gomorrah (2012)

Undercroft - Ruins of Gomorrah (2012)Hamburg, Germany-based Undercroft has surely been around (literally). The band formed in Santiago, Chile in 1993, but in 2000, they relocated to Stockholm, Sweden before relocating once again to Hamburg, Germany. With their roots ground firmly in down-tuned thrash metal with death metal influences, and with vocals in both Spanish and English, they truly are a diverse band with many aspects to their sound.

Ruins of Gomorrah is their sixth studio album, but I am sure that it will also be an introduction to the band for many people.

The guitar are intentionally over-fuzzed and rough giving Undercroft unique tone and the drums are solid as can be with many Latin American influences.

After a brief thirty second intro, Undercroft comes out of the gates with El Triunfo de la Muerte which shows their South American roots with a sound very similar to Sepultura in both their growling vocal approach and the groove in their sound. Even their drums tones are eerily reminiscent to Roots-era Sepultura.

As a bonus track, Ruins of Gomorrah closes with a cover of the classic Twisted Sister track, The Beast. While not entirely bad, it does not even hold a candle to Twisted Sister’s version. The riffs are okay, but the vocals fall flat on this one.

Ruins of Gomorrah carries its weight very well through the entire album surviving on strong riff work and amazing drum work. The vocals are up to the task as well. If the album suffers in any way, it is that the songs are pretty similar throughout the entire length of Ruins of Gomorrah. There is not much distinction between tracks. Overall, they could have done much worse though. I am all for Undercroft’s Ruins of Gomorrah.

Ruins of Gomorrah Track Listing:
1. Intro (SLM)
2. El Triunfo De La Muerte
3. At The Gardens Of Hatred
4. Black Magik Witches
5. Dead Human Flesh
6. Ruins Of Gomorrah
7. Legions Of Beelzebub
8. The Art Of Vengeance
9. Empalando Al Invasor
10. Outro (Drained By Succubi)
11. The Beast (Bonus Track – Twisted Sister cover)

Undercroft Line-up:
Alvaro Lillo – bass, acoustic guitar & vocals
Claudio Illanes – guitars
Pablo Cortes – drums & percussions