Metal Review: Skeletal Remains – Beyond the Flesh (2012)

Skeletal Remains - Beyond the Flesh (2012)California death metal band Skeletal Remains will release their first full-length album, Beyond the Flesh, through FDA Rekotz on November 9th (UK release is December 3rd) in CD, digital, and vinyl LP formats. Here is a look into the bloody guts of Beyond the Flesh who are trying to make that classic death metal tone cool again.

The album begins in the depths of hell with the opening track Extirpated Vitality, which has some very nice leads and is a very nice introduction to the album. It shows that they are solid behind the microphone and it shows that the guitar work is not your type metal fare. There is some technicality behind their sound.

Desolate Isolation is a song that, while the vocal melodies are strong, is all about the riff. The power of the riffs in this one bring you can to 90’s era classic death metal. Once again, you note the guitar solo and realize that this band is pretty solid behind the guitar as well. Not only are the leads very technical, the rhythm work supports the leads very well. The last few seconds of Desolate Isolation are all about the riff and is something that you need to bang your head to.

The highlight of the album is Traumatic Existence with its groove-infected vocal melodies and intense riffwork. This is a song that I will look back to at the end of the year to see if it makes my top list of songs for 2012.

Throughout the album, there are some highs and lows, but for any fan of classic death metal, this is a must-listen-to album.

Overall, you hear the inspiration from bands like Death, Morgoth and Gorguts. While there are a ton of bands trying to bring back the classic sound of early death metal, Skeletal Remains seems to be doing a very nice job of it and I hope to here more from them soon.

Beyond the Flesh Track Listing:
1. Extirpated Vitality
2. Desolate Isolation
3. Reconstructive Surgery
4. Carrion Death (Instrumental)
5. Traumatic Existence
6. Anthropophagy
7. Homicidal Pulchritude
8. Sub-Zero Termination
9. *Disincarnated (Gorguts cover) (Vinyl version only)**