Metal Review: Maelstrom – It Was Predestined (2012)

Maelstrom - It Was Predestined (2012)Long Beach, New York-based Maelstrom’s It Was Predestined is a thrash/progressive metal mix that was heavily circulated throughout the underground in 2008-2009. Fast forward to current day to see that Maelstrom has finally earned their due and were signed to Los Angeles’ Itchy Metal Entertainment (IME). It Was Predestined is getting a Halloween release, on October 31, 2012.

With only 3 songs on It Was Predestined, it had better be worth all of the hype, and after listening to each track a few times, you will see why they did get the release. Each song is distinct, but have enough of a stamp to let you know that Maelstrom authored each one of them.

The guitar work is more than ample and the structure of the songs are done very well. The highlight of It Was Predestined is easily the guitar work as I am not all that sold on the vocals, but the guitar work more than make up for that shortcoming. The guitar work impresses on all levels from the lead work to the rhythm work.

If you are a fan of bands like Atheist, do yourself a favor and check out Maelstrom.

It Was Predestined Track Listing:
1. Arise
2. A Futile Crusade
3. Predestined