Metal Review: Macbeth – Wiedergaenger (2012)

Macbeth - Wiedergaenger (2012)Erfurt, Germany based metal band Macbeth (not to be confused with either the Nordrhein-Westfalen or Ingolstadt, Germany based bands of the same name), have released Wiedergaenger through Massacre Records and it is a good one. It is nice to be surprised by releases like Wiedergaenger every once in a while.

When I think German thrash metal, I think Kreator right off the bat, but after listening to Wiedergaenger, I may have to rethink that. Kreator is still an amazing band that has the longevity and following to prove their greatest, but Macbeth wants to be the conversation as well and Wiedergaenger gives them good reason to be.

From the opening track, Kamikaze, you can tell that Macbeth means business. It is a strong track with some cliche elements, but still a pretty solid song. Fritz H. quickly follows and proves that Macbeth knows a little something about thrash metal. The album has some highs and lows, but mostly highs. The riffs are abundant and amped up like you would expect from and thrash metal band worth their weight. Check out the opening riff to Fleisch to see just how serious they are.

The guitar tones are strong and powerful and are easily the feature to Wiedergaenger, but my two standout tracks are Begraben and Fleisch. Begraben is quite a dynamic song that hits on a lot of levels and Fleisch is primarily a straight rocker with some melodic elements.

Give Wiedergaenger a listen. You will not regret it.

Wiedergaenger Track Listing:
01. Kamikaze
02. Fritz H.
03. Begraben
04. Fleisch
05. Stück für Stück
06. Gladiator
07. Wiedergänger
08. Stalingrad – Kanonenfutter
09. Stalingrad – Untergang
10. Stalingrad – Das Kreuz
11. Zeit der Zeiten (Bonustrack)
12. Bomber (Bonustrack)
13. Hoellenfeuer (Bonustrack)
14. Macbeth (Bonustrack)