Metal Review: Illdisposed – Sense the Darkness (2012)

Metal Review: Illdisposed - Sense the Darkness (2012)Denmark-based Illdisposed is back with their latest effort Sense the Darkness, and they are back with a vengeance of gutteral demon screams and heavy-as-hell riffs. Gone are the symphonic elements that they experimented with and back is the straight through your heart death metal that we have always known them for.

Sense the Darkness hits the ground running with the title track and never takes its foot off of the gas pedal. Each song is a mesmerizing collection of riffs that never let up. The title track and the following song, Eyes Popping Out, are right out of the death metal textbook on how it is done, but with songs like the anthemic Time to Dominate, Illdisposed shows that they are not tied to one specific sound. With crushing death metal, thrash metal and even southern rock riffs, they refuse to pigeonhole themselves.

Tracks like Never Compromise and Stop Running infuse more thrash into the mix, but at no point do they ever take their hands off of your throat. It is always in the back of your mind that Illdisposed is a death metal band and they are here to simply kick ass.

Overall, Illdisposed surprised me with this one. I have been loving the hell out of Sense the Darkness and the aural assault does not appear to stop since I cannot put this one down.

Sense the Darkness Track Listing:
01. Sense The Darkness – 5:08
02. Eyes Popping Out – 4:04
03. Time To Dominate – 4:27
04. Never Compromise – 3:52
05. Stop Running – 4:01
06. I Am Possessed – 3:37
07. Too Blind To See – 4:05
08. The Poison – 4:02
09. Another Kingdom Dead – 3:49
10. She‘s Undressed – 4:20
11. We Do This Alone – 4:12
12. War – 4:14
13. Desire – 4:08

Illdisposed Line-up:
Bo Summer – Subwoofer/ Vocals
Jakob Batten – Guitar
Ken Holst – Guitar
Jonas Kloge – Bass
Thomas Jensen – Drums