Metal Review: God Seed – I Begin (2012)

God Seed - I Begin (2012)Norwegian black metal band God Seed’s debut album, I Begin, will see its North American release on October 23rd (October 30th worldwide). God Seed has strange beginnings indeed. King ov Hell and Gaahl were key members of the legendary Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth, with whom they parted ways in 2007. The pair decided to continue writing music together under the moniker God Seed in honor of a track on the last Gorgoroth album on which they both appeared, 2006’s Ad Majorem Satanhas Gloriam.

In 2009, however, just as Gaahl was set to record vocals for the debut God Seed release, he abruptly announced his retirement from metal. With an album’s worth of music already recorded, King quickly regrouped and recruited Dimmu Borgir vocalist Shagrath — but instead of releasing 2010’s acclaimed The Underworld Regime under the God Seed name, King felt it more fitting to give the reconfigured group its own name: Ov Hell.

Earlier this year, though, Gaahl ended his metal hiatus, and God Seed was resurrected.

Okay, you got all that?

In one of the most anticipated black metal releases in recent memory, and several years in the making, I Begin is finally coming to us. Okay, well I already have it in my hands, hence this review, but once you can get your hands on it, do it. The album is crushing.

I Begin gets off to a quick start with the opening track, Awake, and it never takes its hand off of your throat for the entire epic ride. As expected, the tone of the album is something that only tried and true legends in the business could record. The following track, This From the Past, is a great follow-up with its heavy dose of riffwork.

The highlight of the album, Alt Liv, is an amazing track. It is evil personified with its epic basslines and as the rest of the band join in, it only gets stronger and more evil. I have a tough time listening to the entire album because I have to keep replaying this track, but once you do play the rest of the tracks, they are nearly as good. From the Running of Blood is a more progressive-type black metal sound that is purely riff-driven and just works.

The entire album is a major win for black metal fans as there is so much here for you to sink your teeth into. Once you can pick this album up, do it.

I Begin Track Listing:
01. Awake
02. This From the Past
03. Alt Liv
04. From the Running of Blood
05. Hinstu Dagar
06. Diversions 1 (Bonus Track Limited Edition)
07. Aldrande Tre
08. Lit
09. The Wound
10. Bloodline
11. Diversions 2 (Bonus Track Limited Edition)