Metal Review: Dokken – Broken Bones (2012)

Dokken – Broken Bones (2012)Let me be Captain Obvious for a second. You know what Dokken is missing? George Lynch. Love him or hate him, that boy could shred and he knew how to carry a song. Another obvious point here – Dokken has not been relevant for a long time.

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s talk about the latest release from Don Dokken and crew entitled Broken Bones. As far as the musicians go, Jon Levin seems very capable of handling his duties on guitar. Songs like the title track, Broken Bones and Best of Me have some very nice leads, and Best of Me has a few very nice riffs as well. The main problem that I have had with the band in their recent body of work. Don Dokken himself seems bored on vocals. I will give him credit though because his vocals on Broken Bones are much better than Lightning Strikes Again, where it seemed as if he was struggling to hit most notes.

While I was a fan of their early work, Dokken was a band that I could take or leave most of the time. I was not a huge fan and I had to really be in the mood to listen to the releases. Of course, when I did, I always wondered why I did not listen to them more. Thirty years later and I am still saying the same thing.

If you are a fan of straight melodic rock, then Broken Bones will be right up your alley. I am okay with the album. It is not bad, but not amazing either. I reiterate that you really have to be in the mood to listen to it though. The riffs hold the album together pretty well, but overall, it still seems like Don Dokken is bored.

Broken Bones Track Listing:
1. Empire 3:33
2. Broken Bones 4:54
3. Best of Me 4:18
4. Blind 3:23
5. Waterfall 2:48
6. Victim of the Crime 4:30
7. Burning Tears 4:41
8. Today 4:20
9. For the Last Time 3:58
10. Fade Away 3:46
11. Tonight

Dokken Line-up:
Don Dokken – Lead Vocals
Jon Levin – Gutair
Sean McNabb – Guitar
Mick Brown – Drums, Backing Vocals