Metal Review: Dethklok – Dethalbum III (2012)

Dethklok - Dethalbum III (2012)Brendan Small and Tommy Blacha created Dethklok in 2007 as a real band to play the songs written by the virtual band from the Adult Swim animated series Metalocalypse. After creating the band and releasing the first album in 2007, “The Dethalbum“, they charted at 21 on Billboards Top 100 list, being the most popular melodic death metal album to ever be released. Like The Dethalbum and Dethalbum II before it, the music is performed by the show’s creator Brendon Small and drummer Gene Hoglan.

In 2009, they released Dethalbum II and they toured with some serious bands. In 2011, Dethklok played the Mayhem Festival in place of Megadeth. Currently, they have a tour beginning in just a few weeks with Machine Head, All That Remains, and The Black Dahlia Murder. Sounds like a little experimental project worked out in their favor.

Dethalbum III opens with I Ejaculate Fire, which was released a few weeks ago and we are all pretty familiar with it by now. After that, Crush the Industry comes at you and it is simply crushing. The riffs to open the song include the staple Dethklok riffing along with some solid death metal riffs. The verse section is ominous and very well done.

Weaving in and out of melodic death metal songs as only Dethklok can, Dethalbum III is a clear win for the metal community. Dethklok is bringing more much-needed exposure to the metal community and they are doing it via a tone that is becomes classic Dethklok. Their sound is very unique.

Overall, Dethalbum III is a much more serious album, so if you are looking for the over-the-top antics of the previous two releases, you will not get it hear. In my opinion, this works out better since I like my music serious.

Dethalbum III Track Listing:
1. I Ejaculate Fire
2. Crush the Industry
3. Andromeda
4. The Galaxy
5. Starved
6. Killstardo Abominate
7. Ghostqueen
8. Impeach God
9. Biological Warfare
10. Skyhunter
11. The Hammer
12. Rejoin

Virtual personnel from Metalocalypse:
Nathan Explosion – vocals, lyrics
Pickles – drums
Skwisgaar Skwigelf – lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar
Toki Wartooth – rhythm guitar
William Murderface – bass guitar
Magnus Hammersmith – rhythm guitar on “The Hammer”
Produced by Dethklok, Abigail Remeltindrinc and Dick “Magic Ears” Knubbler
All legal by Charles Offdensen
All songs recorded at Dethklok Studios in Mordhaus and in the Dethsub in Andromeda’s Crevice.

Actual personnel:
Brendon Small – vocals, guitar, keyboards, production
Gene Hoglan – drums
Bryan Beller – bass guitar

Ulrich Wild – production, engineering
Antonio Cannobio – cover art
R. Chett Hoffman – directed & edited the documentary