Metal Review: Daemonicus – Deadwork (2012)

Daemonicus - Deadwork (2012)Swedish death metal act Daemonicus does it the right way. With their latest release, Deadwork, Daemonicus brings us good old-fashioned Swedish death metal. Deadwork is the follow up to 2009’s Host of Rotting Flesh and Deadwork could just surpass their debut effort. It surely surpassed it in intensity alone.

Deadwork is unrelenting in its aggression and that is the only way that I would have it. Daemonicus has tapped every aspect of Swedish death metal and rolled it up into one evil package for our listening pleasure. Songs like We Feast on Your Flesh are heavily riff-driven and are powered by some seriously intense riffs which never stop, while more melodic pieces like the opening of The Hymn of Ubo Sathla are served up. Of course, the clean part of The Hymn of Ubo Sathla is short lived, but the song itself has a quasi-melodic death metal feel with more emphasis on the death metal than the melodies.

Overall, Deadwork is one of the best sophmore efforts that I have heard all year and has a really good chance of being added to my top ten list of albums for 2012.

Deadwork Track Listing:    
1. A Dead Work of Art
2. The Grandeur of Total Termination
3. Embracing Her Remains
4. We Feast on Your Flesh
5. The Hymn of Ubo Sathla
6. From Alive to Dead Life
7. Blood Red November MDXX
8. Inhabited
9. Nothing But Death
10. As Extinction Came