Metal Review: Bane – The Acausal Fire (2012)

Bane - The Acausal FireThe Acausal Fire is the latest offering from black metal band Bane, and much like their prior album, Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness, they do set a very nice atmosphere within their music. The listener dreams of icy mountain tops and desolate lands while engulfing themselves within the aural assault that is a Bane release. Taking influences from bands such as Dissection, Lord Belial and Dark Funeral, Bane is obviously a very accomplished outfit from the musical side of things.

My main beef with Serbia’s Bane is that bands have been doing this, and doing this better, for a long time now. That is not to say that Bane is doing it wrong, because both The Acausal Fire and Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness are more than solid releases. Production-wise, Bane is a little more polished than most black metal outfits while trying to retain some of that classic black metal charm.

Now that I am off of my soapbox, like I said before, The Acausal Fire is more than a solid effort songwise. Tracks like The Truth Unleashed Final and Light the Black Flame are unrelenting and impactful from many different angles. Musically, Bane is up to the challenge that they have set forth to conquer and vocally, they are ahead of the pack from a lot of other black metal bands out there. Whether the vocals are sharp and raspy and deep gutteral screams, they are well up to the task.

While The Acausal Fire is not perfect by any means, it is more than solid and easily worth a spot in your audio collection, even if just for the powerful track World of Desolation. I am having a hard time, not hitting the back button to relisten to this one over and over again. The vocal melodies are performed amazingly and the guitar riffs have a tone to them that seems to stand above the other tracks.

In addition to World of Desolation, I am utterly hooked on Night’s Blood. The opening is intense and the riffwork leading into the verses are practically thrash metal at its finest. While the song does head back into the more familiar black metal tones of Bane’s typical tracks, the thrash elements remain to revitalize the track.