DVD Review-Breaking Kayfabe with Sean Waltman

The 2nd installment of Kayfabe Commentaries Breaking Kayfabe series features a wrestler who had quite a few monikers like The Lightning Kid, 1-2-3 Kid, hell even Kid at one time, X-Pac, Syxx, and many more Sean Waltman. This interview takes away the wrestling persona and goes into the man himself, and it came across as not a wrestling interview but more like a piece you would see on a news show or Biography. KC’s production values are amazing; they take such great pride in anything they release to make you feel like you got your dollars’ worth. This is Sean Oliver and Sean Waltman sitting at a table and Waltman being very open and ( I want to think) honest about the man who is this persona you watch on tv. The topics discussed in this hour are not really what you would expect in a wrestling shoot, nor are the responses. The topics start off with pain pills and drugs, and was Sean taking them for party reasons or because he was in pain and Waltman is very open and does not dodge any questions, and trust me these questions are very personal that I commend Waltman for opening up about on camera. While most of us when we think about his relationship with Chyna all we remember was the episode of Surreal Life that Waltman appeared on and came across very bad or the home made sex tape that was sold. You can tell when the topic turns to Joanie aka Chyna, it is painful and very heartbreaking for him to talk about. It felt like either he thought he was at a confessional or that this was therapy and just poured out from his soul. I am dying to see a breaking kayfabe with Chyna next, to see what her take on all of this is, because he basically said a lot of things that would lead for a rebuttal or dispute. The shocker to this shoot was there was really no talking about his ex-relationship with Alicia Webb aka Ryan Shamrock. Considering they covered his suicide attempt and the alleged violence against her he committed, I was hoping she would have been a topic more discussed. Sean has never really opened about his time with her, and all we ever heard was the bad stories from 3rd hand sources.

Among many good points discussed on here and is well worth the dvd to see is when he opens up about his kids, and how his parents were. To see, Sean Waltman sit there in that much pain and be so open you really had to give the man so much credit, that he never threw anyone under the bus or blamed anything on his problems beside himself is brave. Sean Oliver brings up an interesting point during this interview that really I did not see coming when he asks about his recent drug problems coinciding with his career taking off again with the indies. Sean Waltman is also asked if he thought the Bret Shawn Montreal screw job was a work. To hear Sean Waltman talk about not only that time, but all the drug abuse and how the rings were so painful to bump in, you really feel for the man, and what he put his life and family thru. Also, Sean Waltman said this is his last shoot interview or wrestling interview dvd ever, so for that matter this is a must watch. They also discuss the history of the dirt sheets and the shoot interviews, which let’s be honest, whether you love this stuff or hate it, they are popular and someone is checking them out. I really hope this series continues, god could you picture a breaking kayfabe with Scott Hall or a Matt Hardy? All in all, I always been a Waltman fan, and loved his charisma and silliness in the ring, so this was a really good shoot and I would recommend it.

8 out of 10