DVD Review-Breaking Kayfabe with Jerome Young

Review-Kayfabe Commentaries and Sean Oliver are always looking for ways to raise the bar for pro wrestling shoot interviews and what series they put out. Where it seems that all the other shoot companies that offer videos, do it more serious and lacking passion, when you watch Sean and Kayfabe you are going to have fun and watch the interviews come out very cutting edge and passionate. In wrestling they have this code of conduct called Kayfabe, which are the rules they go by to keep what you see on television believable. If you went to say a Olive Garden and saw CM Punk and John Cena eating at the same table and getting along, that would be breaking kayfabe and let’s be honest, the pictures would be all over the internet within minutes and Vince would be furious. So with what Kayfabe commentaries offer is a wrestler, booker, personality behind the scenes and etc to air their stories. If you are new to Kayfabe and Sean Oliver’s style it would be a safe bet to start with anything on New Jack.

If there was a misunderstood personality in wrestling it would be New Jack aka Jerome Young. Where the diehard extreme wrestling fans consider the man a god, the casual wrestling fan who can quote a John Cena promo would call him anything but god. New Jack got his first taste of popularity in Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain in the early 90’s. The second they put a microphone in his hand, you just knew that New Jack was going to be something special. We all know his history from there, we go to ECW where he would take up balcony jumping and anything that was over the top bloody and brutal. In the last years of ECW is when Jack got famous for not abiding by the code of conduct the workers seemed to have with one another. Where they are all behind the scenes, agreeing to put their bodies thru hell and have their partner look out for them as well, with Jack you never knew what his mind was thinking and if you did I am not sure someone else and their safety was a priority. Through his infamous career, he has led to stabbings in the ring, people being cut too deep and bleeding out of control, and violence that if you think wrestling is fake, do not watch a New Jack match he will make you a believer that it is real.

Breaking Kayfabe is the first of a series of shoots that go inside the personality and in this case Jerome Young, and see what made him what he is today. Sean gives Jerome so many topics to work with, like his youth, drug use, alcohol, and really goes deep into each topic where most shoots are in a sprint and go thru topics as fast and incomplete as possible. To see a man who is quite frankly one of the most brutal men ever in this sport to cry and get emotional when telling stories, was really a change of pace of what you get with a New Jack shoot. To listen to Jerome speak openly and honestly about his life, he comes across as smart and very much a loner. You would think that in his life he has created this wall that he feels he has to protect himself with from connections and friendships, but to know he has people he cares about was really a good change of pace and tore down those walls that he built. The only negative, well it is a negative if you have experienced a lot of the New Jack shoots that are out, that some of the stuff you have heard before.

That aside, most of this shoot was brand new and New Jack has this personality and dry humor to his person that really comes across as someone you want to hear what they will say next. If you have never experienced a New Jack shoot before, there are tons out there and 80 percent of them you can tell Jack only did them for the payday, but the stuff with Sean Oliver has been my personal favorite stuff and Jack truly has fun each time and really comes alive and opens up. Wrestling fans, I will be honest if you are a New Jack fan, you should already either own it or seen it on their demand site, but if you have not, it is well worth the watch. If you are new to the New Jack character, you have to see it.

8.5 out of 10