Book Review-Satan’s 3 Ring Circus of Hell

Review-Robert Rhine a lot of people may know from his magazine called Girls and Corpses that a lot of horror genre fans like me are fans of. It has a mix of dark fucked humor, sexuality and horror that seems like the anti to the major magazines like Fango and Rue. One thing is for sure when you read his stuff, the man has some deep rooted personal issues that need to be addressed immediately, but I feel if he finds sanity he may lose all his charm. This graphic novel boasts the work of over 40 of the world’s greatest artists from Tim Vigil, GAK, and etc. This novel if nothing else is a very graphic and bleak trip thru hell. To use the word disturbing to label this read would be easy, I found this novel the equivalent of being in a death bus heading to the apocalypse to rape the villagers. I was told in a press release that this is a re-release, so I am not sure if this differs from the original or not. I found Satan’s 3-Ring to go from one extreme to another with zombies, serial killer clowns, maybe some political satire and of course sex and corpses. If you are in the mood for a nice family story that has all those heartwarming topics like sex, death, cannibals and dismembering people, you will be in heaven on this one.

Robert sets the bar pretty high with what he is trying to accomplish with this book, it seemed like he was shooting for an extreme version of the 80’s version of the Heavy Metal magazine. Sad to say, he did not achieve that but he went one step further. This novel is vile, disgusting and is so dead set on trying to find a way to disgust the reader to make them worried about turning to the next page. The humor in this comic is just as demented and fucked up as the art work, each of the shorts while a few miss the mark, the majority really work and come across as utter disturbing and jaw dropping insane. The good part if one of the shorts does not grab you immediately and has your attention, they are so short that the next one is a few pages away. Trust me; there is something in this novel for all of us sociopaths and future serial killers.

I found myself many times throughout this read to be disgusted which is always a good thing, and it delivers on the hell concept pretty well. Also some of the little side gag ads were funny, like the “man-knob” which I assume is this device that makes us look like we are well hung to females. I wish they invented a device which makes us look like we are rich and famous to women. And also for 1.25 you can buy live semen. I can just sum up my experience just like this, I hate to read, when I graduated college I swore I would never read anything again, but when someone inspires me to read something, you know it is something worthwhile. Girls and Corpses is a great magazine, and this graphic novel was a lot of grotesque fun. This graphic novel was very eye opening and very grotesquely disturbing, so buy this for that special Christian in your family. This really earned the name graphic.

8 out of 10