WWE Night of Champions 2012 Predictions and Thoughts

WWE Sunday night will be having their annual Night of Champions PPV. What a strange time for WWE, esp. with Lawler’s heart attack on the Raw go home show. How many of us really cared about what was happening in the ring once Michael Cole broke character and told us what had happened? In addition, with the way events seem to happen in the bubble that is Vince McMahon, now his wife Linda who is the Connecticut GOP Senate candidate is coming under fire for her time as CEO in WWE. So much so, that Vince has made an announcement that seems like career suicide by saying he is going to erase the attitude era from the history of WWE soon. So all these things considered, this is the predictions and analysis for a card that on paper does not seem so spectacular or screaming for us to buy it.

WWE Title Match
John Cena vs. CM Punk

I am with the majority of fans, how many John Cena vs. Punk matches do we really need? The sad part is look at the rest of the roster, who else do they have that can step up and challenge Punk and draw in fans and buy rates? John Cena has lost many times in his hometown, so I am not caring about home field advantage. After all else that has happened in WWE this week, this match just does not seem so special or main event to me. Now, next month is one of their big 4 PPV’s with Survivor Series, so if Cena wins, Punk regains the title next month. But, if Punk wins, where else can they go with contenders and competition? I am thinking unless Lesnar challenges for the title, that we will be seeing Punk vs. Cena all the way to Hell in a Cell in December. I think Heyman will come out and help Punk retain, and that WWE keeps the machine behind this Punk heel turn.

Prediction-CM Punk retains

World Heavyweight Title Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus

Another match that I can care less about, god was the match at SummerSlam just awful. I think Vince wants to get behind Del Rio and keeps putting him in these matches to try and get fans to react any way to him. Del Rio is one of those wrestlers that to me does not have the “it” factor and it shows. Sheamus, I feel is in the same boat as CM Punk in terms of who can step up to challenge him. Orton is going to make a movie and won’t be back till Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania at earliest, and Smackdown being the B-show there aren’t really any emerging threats. While I think Cody Rhodes, and Ziggler need to really get more wins and stop losing so much, and give Sheamus a contender who is not a muscular three move fan favorite or like Del Rio who is being forced down people’s throats. I just think if Del Rio wins, that who can really step up from Smackdown as a fan favorite and challenge? Ryback? He would look stupider than he looks. Orton is gone after Sunday, so who else is there, Mysterio? Cena going to challenge if he cannot beat Punk, which is another match, we have seen how many times now? Common sense, Sheamus retains, but I know McMahon is trying to lure that Latino market. I hope this match is a vast improvement from last month.

Prediction-Alberto Del Rio wins and becomes the new champ.

WWE Tag Team Title Match
Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth

I think the Kane and Daniel Bryan storyline is gold. Like I said last month, it is the best thing Kane has done in his whole WWE career, even before Kane, when he was fake Diesel and Isaac Yankum. Daniel Bryan is the 2012 Shawn Michaels, just in terms of always delivering a solid match and taking anything he is given and just making it work. I never bet against the reluctant tag team partners, they always win. This match plain and simple is going to make Kofi a star, and I think if anyone in this whole match needs the rub, it is Kofi. I think he is ready to start getting groomed for a main event program. I love Kane and Bryan, and I think weekly for them to play this love/hate team, will bring some much needed fun and competition to the tag team scene.

Prediction-Anger Management 101 Kane and Bryan are new tag champs.

WWE Divas Title Match
Kaitlyn vs. Layla

2012 WWE, is that women wrestling has come and gone. HHH has been very vocal in killing the women’s title and the spotlight they get to push tag team wrestling more. I think the signing of Sara Del Ray may change his mind hopefully; Sara is going to be their next wave of a Molly Holly, Tara, Trish and Lita if they give the woman a chance, she could be the female Daniel Bryan story. As far as this match, Layla needs to be more vocal and stand out more. Hell, the whole division needs voices and just go out and steal the show, just to show people that women’s wrestling still matters.

Prediction-Layla wins

Fatal 4-Way for the WWE Intercontinental Title
Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara vs. The Miz

This has the potential to steal the show. Last month, Rey and Miz had a decent enough match, and showed that they work somewhat well together. Cody Rhodes I feel is where Miz was before he won the MITB briefcase all those years ago, he is on the verge and I know Rey has worked his ass off to help Cody get back the momentum he lost after Wrestlemania last year. Sin Cara is so sloppy a wrestler and reports from house shows says he is careless and just blotches too many spots. Again, the anchor of this match is Rey, and I think if the other three follows him this match will be the one to beat all night. Again, I do not see them wanting all their champs to lose their titles, so I will guess Miz will get a cheap win on Sin Cara to retain.

Prediction-The Miz retains

WWE United States Title Match
Winner of Pre-show vs. Antonio Cesaro

I am on board with the Claudio push. I am thinking by summer and the Money in the Bank PPV, you are looking at the next big ex ROH star to hit the main event matches. I would assume Christian or Santino will win this battle royal and challenge Antonio. My advice is keep your eyes on Antonio, he is going to be in the main event sooner than you think.

Prediction-Antonio retains.

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

Randy Orton since he broke another drug wellness rule has been missing something. I know Vince keeps him around because he sees money in Orton. Right now, Orton is doing the sequel to 12 Rounds and will be leaving after this month, so why let him win when you are trying to build the threat with Ziggler for the title. I think Ziggler cashes in next month at Survivor Series, and I think he beats Orton. It does not hurt the Orton character to lose, but hell it did not hurt the Jericho character to lose and he won at SummerSlam. If Orton wins which would suck, I think they will do this just like Jericho, and the next night Orton gets beat and has to leave WWE. I am a huge Ziggler fan, and right now he needs more momentum and wins.

Prediction-Dolph Ziggler wins

Overall this card looks lackluster on paper. I will be watching tomorrow night but this seems like such a throwaway to Survivor Series. Two matches look like they could steal the show, and the rest looks just so predictable and just done to death. With Vince and his new anti-violence and sexuality stands, I know WWE will get more watered down in the upcoming months. If GLAAD’s influence on the writing did not hurt the overall feel of the show, I know this will.
I want to go on record right now and say, that I think Punk is going to be on Team Heyman at the Surivivor Series to challenge Team Cena, you just see that happening.