Wicked Channel Interview with Eric Forrest

When you say the name Eric Forrest, most mainstream metal fans may not know the name, but underground fans will. He first came into light in the mid 90’s when he played bass and did vocals for two of Voivod’s best cds Negatron and Phobos. When the nostalgia bug bit and Eric left the band, he went on to work on two projects E-Force and Project Failing Flesh. But, to American fans he has been silent for far too long, well he is not silent anymore..Enjoy

1. The last time we heard from you was the Project Failing Flesh cds and E-Force a few years ago, what have you been up to lately?

WE will begin recording the next E-force album starting later this month (drums) followed by bass/guitar /vox etc throughout sept/oct/nov/dec . We are recording this @ my drummer Krof s studio so it’s not$ by the clock so many days max. etc. We will work on it throughout this yr the best way possible re: other schedules/work/personal stuff like that. Kevin of P:FF told me he can help us out and mix/master it by early next yr. Just fine tuning all exact dates etc. as we go …..Really looking forward to get this out. I have composed all the material and KROF and J-ZED are going to take my songs and add their vibe/style to it. + The last 1 was released in 2008, 5 yrs is a bit long but it’s not by choice…. From our last label going bankrupt, a recent 6 month management contract with Jeff Keller( destruction/udo/exciter)….whom shopped our demo to labels for an $ advance to record…..however them days are over. Now for a band like e-force, must have a completed master to discuss serious biz with labels ……So we are going to do this and see what happens re: labels etc…. + it’s quite possible that we will continue with Jeff Keller and start all over again when our artwork/master is complete… We shall see.
The next E-Force record is kind of a concept record….meaning all the songs are related, not like a book but re: similar subject matter.1 of the most powerful things in the world throughout the history of mankind. Any idea what that might be? ha ha Does 9 months to get out and the rest of your life to get back in sound familiar? lol I wrote lyrics talking about the power of the pussy (yes vagina)talking about certain stories re: what can happen in couples/relationships etc …. Crimes of passion to manipulation and all that good stuff. They say it’s a man’s world but many stories throughout time have been influenced or altered due to beautiful women. From O.J. /J.Ceasar to Tiger woods to John Wayne bobbit
lol or some King in Morocco with 365 wives + 70 mistresses…and a society accepting it @ the time(I visited in 2009 interesting history lesson lol) just to name a few. Basically, what some guys (and some girls) will do to get a piece of the pie etc… I AM not speaking negative about females! Just making a reality statement on how people/society think …. not just guys! as some girls love/lust girls….obsession/addiction/sacrifice/consequences! The title is called “the curse of the cunt” shocked because I used the C word? GOOD!!! That is the idea……the music sounds like e-force ..Take all the good from “evil forces” and “modified poison” add a little black n roll / black metal to the mix et voila!+ a few guest appearances T B A . e-force fans will not be disappointed that’s for sure… once again, believe me now or believe me later……..2013 awaits

2. As some people may know and some will find out, you were once the singer and bassist for Voivod in the mid 90’s, how did that happen for you?

Yes, I joined in the summer of 94 – March 2001…. It was an honor and privilege to be a part of…+ to live and learn on a professional level etc . .I did 2 studio albums “negatron” “phobos” a re-mix/unreleased tracks album “Kronik” (of which 1 song “ion” made it to the heavy metal fake 2 movie!) and “Voivod lives” live recording from the DYNAMO fest in 96..+ some songs recorded from a CBGB s date in New York ….+ 9, 10 unreleased demo d songs of which never made it past that.. Although, I did re-record 1 of them as a trib. to the riff master P , PIGGY , song called “victory” released on the “modified poison” album .As well as about 6 worldwide tours….over 250 shows in 20 different countries.
I suppose it was being @ the right place @ the right time and being somewhat prepared and ready…..I auditioned for a band in MTL in 1992 as a bass player through an old friend Jeff Salem (whom played drums for a while) for a band called saints and sinners (ex SWORD members) anyway, I didn’t get the gig but didn’t really matter because I was not 100% into the music anyway.. Long story short, I kept in touch with the then Voivod mgm Peirre paradise….1 day he wanted some pics of my ex-Pamela Anderson type girlfriend for some possible modeling etc. etc bla bla , so I sent him a message re/ I was looking for a gig etc …..Funny, a few weeks later he called me and offered me a chance to audition for voivod as a bass player singer….I was in MTL few days later to audition , after 20 minutes of just jamming, they said that’s it, you’re the new guy…. the rest is history .

3. Do you think Voivod fans were fair to you during that time?

fair enough I suppose……I had really big shoes to fill … as a singer and as a bass player……But honestly, I didn’t really think about it too much. I just did what I did best and added my element/energy to what they had already created…..I don t think we really planned to much, we just created songs in an honest natural way.. Whatever came out came out ……Whenever a band changes singers etc, there is always fans complaining or comparing whatever .Of which is somewhat normal….. But we really just let the music do the talking and were very proud of the end result despite what fans thought good or bad. If some Voivod fans didn’t like that version of voivod ,then FUCK EM! We didn’t care.. Just tried to do things in an honest way as best as possible, making the most out of it. Funny though, I have heard some fans say that they prefer me than Snake. But you know what? It was never a competition just doing things in a natural way and rockin out .. know what I mean ?

4. I will be honest; Phobos and Negatron are quite possibly the two best cds Voivod ever recorded. How was it in the studio working with Voivod on music? Did you ever get nervous or star-struck?

Thanx so much James, Glad you enjoy the work!

Away and Piggy were great to work with… There was never any real pressure. They had a certain chemistry of which involved keeping gr8 positive energy rolling! If there was a problem with a particular bass line/singing @ the same time,lyric/melody , their attitude was just do your best, enjoy it! Which is a gr8 way to be when you are with people…. To bring the best out of the person in a positive way not negative. Not just in a band but everyday life. Although if there was something that they really wanted they would not hesitate to tell me! lol They made me feel like 1 of them so there was no need to stress. If anything, I was just so overwhelmed being in the band and working with pros! It was a very positive/comfortable/exciting atmosphere to be in.

5. During your time with Voivod, you have toured with a who’s who of bands and musicians. Who in your opinion were the best to be around, and who were a pain in the ass to deal with? You can dish as much dirt as you want….

Well, supporting IRON MAIDEN on the Ed Hunter tour in Canada 1999 was dreams come true….. in fact, it was unreal . I never thought I would ever be in a big band like Voivod and get a gig like that .re: 3 shows supporting Iron Maiden.
The musicians/tech. s/org. whereas pro as it gets! Very positive energy being around those guys, fun times no stress! ….+.I went to the dance of death show in Barcelona (2003) for my honey moon vacation with my now ex-wife, spoke with the tour mgm re: Voivod support Ed Hunter tour in Canada, the next thing is, I am giving V I P tix to watch the show. Pure class! An honor and privilege to have experienced…..other Voivod tours/ shows were awesome! But honestly, I never really had a big problem with other bands or musicians so no negative dirt.. sorry 🙁

(I want to stop this interview for one second and make one comment. I have interviewed countless musicians now, and the only one who seems to have a problem with a band on tour was Stephen Richards of Taproot and was willing to dish? So fans who go to music sites and check out youtube, all those posts from members and videos are all lies, there is never any fighting on any tours)

6. Today, how do you look back at your time in Voivod? What was it like coming to America and touring with a band that has a pretty rabid fan base?

Well, like I said before. It was an honor and privilege to be in such a band as Voivod .. I lived and learned a lot about music/music biz/ life its self in general….Played in the USA quite a few times. I was aware of the work that they had put into it before “negatron” let’s just say .Yet, I did not let it pressure me, I just did what I did the best way I knew how too…..basically, just rolled with it .You can’t please every 1 being the new guy and stuff, but I, WE definitely won some new fans etc … so all in all it was incredible!

7. When I interviewed Karyn Crisis she told a few stories in the interview about you live. She said that fans were not so cool to you, and that you almost died on tour. Care to discuss?

Don t really remember the “uncool” 1s….I just let the music do the talking and the people who liked it, got their $s worth and were entertained. Those who didn’t, too bad for them, their loss…. But the majority of fans respected my work with the band which was cool with me. 4 Aug 1998 we were on tour in Europe heading for the Wacken fest…..We had a bad accident in the van we were travelling in of which I suffered the most. I went to hell and back re: coma/ broken bones etc ….it changed my life as I am still handicapped from it as I have a fused lower spine. But you know what? I am alive and can still walk/rock and keep up with the best of em!+ Keep my girlfriend happy on a good day! Life is precious and I think all 1 can do is just enjoy the ride the best way you can despite all the curveballs in life
.c est la vie!

8. If a fan went up to you and asked you for advice for starting a band or playing metal. What would you tell them?

get a plan B because your plan A being music will not pay the bills! Play music that you really really have a passion for, not because its trendy/popular etc … Have patience yet understand you don t get out what you don t put in .Sometimes you don t get back what you put in as its a lot of work to be somewhat successful. Not just with composing unique music but with the business side of it. There are a lot of bands who will play for free etc .or rich parents who can finance everything! lol Do things for the right reasons ,otherwise your just fooling yourself and you will not last! good-luck!

9. When you tour with Project Failing Flesh did you play the Voivod music that you helped create?

P:FF is just a studio project type of band . WE have never played a show ever. Although Tim did fill in on guitar for E-force @ the bwbk fest in 2004(Cleveland).We have talked about doing some shows, fest appearances if there is a big demand but unfortunately there is not. Although the P:FF records can stand up with the best of em as they are very unique albums…. Go have a listen if you don t already know! E-force shows I always play some Voivod songs @ every show . Fans love it, nothing more to say …..:)

10. You know with this industry of music you have to have a thick skin. Do you let the bad reviews and internet haters get to you?

no never…… if anything, negative things can make you more positive and focused sometimes. I have been told my whole life that I won’t make it happen bla bla bla. You know the saying “irritation creates motivation”? Very true indeed! People are going to comment about whatever they want sometimes some of the blabbermouth comments are funny! Just kids with nothing better to do but criticize and pass negative energy. I suppose its all how you accept what people say but there is no business like show business! so bite the bullet or get the fuck out!

11. Here are a few topics I would love to get your opinion on. You are free to say whatever you would like.

a. Project Failing Flesh-A Beautiful Sickness

a- fuckin masterpiece!

b. Denis “Snake” Bélanger

b-a unique original artist …1 of a kind! gr8 person/spirit and friend

c. Playing Voivod songs from the earlier cds live

c-enjoyed it very much! tribal convictions/ fix my heart/ravenous medicine were some of my favorites!

d. internet piracy

d-pros and cons to it all. I think people have to accept the evolution of the music biz . Deal with it the best way you can instead of just complaining about it … as every band is in the same boat. Cant imagine the porn industry ! lol

12. Since your departure from Voivod, has any of your ex band mates tried to contact you? (in a positive way at least) Have they given you any feedback on your projects since?

yes of course! We are all still friends. There are no hard feelings. So I get replaced by the original singer Snake and Jason Newstead the ex-bassist of Metallica! Hello!! I could not compete with that. It was a logic business decision. How can I complain? That’s what can happen when you join some one else’s band. You follow the leader. That’s why I started E-FORCE . No matter what happens, no 1 is going to kick me out of MY band …lol It was logic for them to do what they did despite it was very hard to start something from scratch but what does not kill you makes you stronger! …….as looking @ it from hindsight, it gave Piggy a few more victory laps with Jason and Snake… Ozzfest .+ supporting Ozzy in arenas etc ….before his unfortunate departure. Anyway, you want to see what brotherhood is all about? hellfest 2009


As far as positive comments towards my musical activities, the guys, ALL of them are very proud of what I do and wish me nothing but the best……re:p:ff/e-force

13. What was the last cd you had to rush out and buy first day?

god ? I cant remember! lol

14. What was the first song or cd to inspire you that music was the path you would take?

Iron Maiden s Killers album. 1 of my favorites! The cover band I sing in “LUST” just played @ the rock knight’s fest. 2 weeks ago with Paul Dianno/Blaze Bayley and the legendary Uli Jon Roth …. But to meet Paul was dreams come true! nice guy, I wish him all the best!

ROCK KNIGHTS – Paul Di ANNO, Blaze Bayley, Uli JON ROTH, Kilmara, Lust – La Couvertoirade 24/08/2012


RockMeeting РLe carrefour des rocks m̩lodiques Carrefour du Rock РHard Rock РAOR РMetal m̩lodique РPOP РWestcoast

15. If music did not work out for you, what was the backup plan?

never really had a serious back up plan…..I have been playing clubs since 1985, so its really all I know how to do ! lol but I believe something related to the entertainment biz, if anything @ all …

16. This may be considered a stretch but I have seen weirder things happen, if Voivod were to go into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, do you think you deserve to be there and considered a part of this achievement?

Yes I do because for 6,7 yrs I was helping that band continue as the others had quit etc.But lets see what happens……

17. What would be your dream tour?

another 30 date tour whatever on a tourbus that pays $ @ the end of the tour! lol would be nice! supporting Iron Maiden again would do it for me! lol

18. Now the pressure is on, you have to fess up on this one. What is the most embarrassing cd you own or listen to?

not sure about complete albums but I like Lady gaga s”pokerface” track .. even though its Madonna etc . the song is moving !ha ha there ya go……

19. Would you ever be down for reality tv? Who would not want to see a metal version of the Bachelor with someone who does not need to wear a bandana and act like he matters?

if there was interest and I could be paid $, why not ! lol

20. Are you a horror fan? If so, name some titles….

)not really … I like good movies with an interesting story/plot not just the blood and gore.

21.Before I end this interview Eric Forrest I have to say, you rule. You are the first singer in the history of Voivod to get one of their cds on over 60 Top 10 lists of that year and Phobos did it. This is your chance to plug, promote and do what you do to tell people about you..thanks so much….

Thanks James, Glad you like the work I have done! I would really like to thank you for this interview and all of my fans all over the world past and present!and a special thanks to Kayren Crisis for mentioning me in her interview with her……:) She is a real sweetheart! unique/talented/gifted artist. I wish her all the best …..! check out http://www.facebook.com/eforceoffical for new info and the next e-force record “the curse of the cunt” coming in 2013! or at www.myspace.com/eforceband

thanx again …. see you all on tour next yr cheers Eric

E-Force has a facebook page, that I hope all of you check out and give the man a like. If you guys have no idea who the man is I will agree with his statement on the Project Failing Flesh cd, it is pretty hardcore and I Kerrang, Brave Words, Metal Hammer and etc all praised that cd. For Stephen Richards to be the only person to freely speak up about issues with other bands just shocks me. For anyone who puts Jason Newstead above Eric Forrest in terms of talent, that is like putting Nikki Sixx on bass ahead of Les Claypool in terms of talent.