Top 10 Best Debut Records Ever-James Picks

This month’s Top 10 is not a band and their songs; it is the best debut records ever. When thinking of the history of music and all the genres, this list is nearly impossible. I had over 60 cds that I wanted to name and to limit it to just ten, was hard so for my first time I had some honorable mentions. I hope like everything else on our site, you guys enjoy and have fun, thanks so much.

Honorable Mentions

*The Apples in Stereo-Fun Trick Noisemaker-Released in the mid 90’s, this to me is just the cd that no matter how many times I play it, never gets old. To me, this band is a modern day ELO to me, and any of their cds you cannot go wrong with.

*Dio-Holy Diver-I love Ronnie James Dio and Holy Diver is almost a heavy metal rite of passage that you have to know all the songs on this cd by heart. I can care how many times I hear Rainbow in the Dark played to me it is such a classic song that never loses its impact.

*Ruby-Salt Peter-Lesley Rankine started off as the vocalist for the punk band Silverfish, and when they started to commercialize their sound she jump ship and went to Pigface. She was asked by Butch Vig to submit a demo to audition to be the singer for his Garbage project. When that did not happen, she became this alter personality Ruby. Along with Mark Walk, they created this trip hop masterpiece that I really think shows her versatility as a singer. This is just one of the best cds to me just because it is so poetic and beautiful, that Lesley has that voice that just grabs your attention and holds on to it with sexuality and a power that is so missing in today’s music scene.

Now The Top 10

10. Alice in Chains-Facelift- I know people would expect me to name Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone or Nirvana. While all 3 of their debuts are incredible and I listen to all three constantly, I had to pick Facelift. To me this is such an amazing record. From We Die Young to Real Thing, there is not one song on this cd that is not just amazing. I know songs like We Die Young and Man in the Box are so played out on radio, but I still love the songs and when I play this cd it always feels like the first time. To know what this cd beat out is so impressive. I know a lot of people prefer Dirt, but to me this cd is just such a cd that really defines the early 90’s and what was happening in the music scene at that time. I want to think my grandkids will think of this cd as I do some of the other cds on this list from yesteryear.

9. Babes In Toyland-Spanking Machine—Kat Bjelland is one of those personalities that you just know if they did not get discovered, they would be manufactured by some greedy execs. When Kat and Courtney Love’s original band disbanded, Courtney stole Kat’s look and tried to steal the sound, but while Courtney had to have a Cobain muscle to get her noticed, Kat came on the scene with Babes in Toyland and really paved the way for a new breed of women in music, she was the cross between a calm Kim Gordon and very pissed off Lydia Lunch. Kat Bjelland deserves a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For me and female music, Babes in Toyland are number one. This cd is just an explosion of emotion and just anger. This is what Janis Joplin would have sounded like if she grew up in the age of grunge and aggression.

8. Nine Inch Nails-Pretty Hate Machine-Timeless cd, and to me the first cd that took industrial music out of the underground and made it commercially appealing. I do not care what kind of music fan, you know when the intro to Head like a Hole opens that cd you are going to listen. This cd to me really set the stage for bands like Ministry, Pigface, Skinny Puppy and etc. to bring their sound to a broader audience. To think this cd is 23 years old this year and it does not come across as dated. To me, this cd was their best cd and also their downfall. How can you record a follow up to a cd like this? That is like writing a sequel to the bible.

7. The Cars-The Cars—This cd when I listen to it seems like a greatest hits more than a debut record. I am not sure if there is a song on this cd that has not been played a billion times on classic rock radio worldwide. I mean just the songs alone and how they stood the test of time clearly makes this record what music is all about. Something timeless, that can be passed from generation to generation and creating new fans. This cd is a masterpiece and cds like this are so needed and missed in today’s music scene. You can be a diehard Slayer fan and know all the lyrics to every death metal and heavy metal song ever, you can get one note of any song on this cd, and know immediately what it is and want to listen to it.

6. The Doors-The Doors—A debut record is supposed to be an introduction to a band, and what we can expect from them. This debut record is so dark, haunting, depressing and poetic at the same time. What a great introduction to a band that would change my life forever, when I put that needle on Break on Through for the first time my world changed almost immediately. Jim Morrison’s lyrics look so simple when you read them, but to hear him sing them they sound so emotional and passionate. Like Led Zeppelin, if there were no Doors, most of today’s music would not exist. To me the beauty to this music is not only what you hear but what imagery the music lets you create while you are lost in Jim’s world. Another cd that I can truly say, I have played over and over more times than one should ever admit.

5. Warrior Soul-Last Decade Dead Century-This whole top 5 could have just been a tie for number one. Hell, the whole top ten could have been a tie for one and two. All 10 records touch me in different ways and have different meanings to me. If there was an album, cd, cassette that I think of as my bible this is it. From the first time in the summer of 1990 hearing We Cry Out to today still listening to it and getting the same feeling all these years later, I would love this cd to be in my casket with me when I die. Because wherever I go, this cd will make the trip more fun. Kory himself knows what I think about him and the music, and to me that was the main goal as to why I started blogging in the first place to tell my idols that they matter and what a difference the music made.

4. Guns and Roses-Appetite for Destruction—People love to talk about 1991 and how Nevermind came out of nowhere and changed the whole music industry almost immediately, that they often think about the impact that Guns had when Appetite came out in 1987. This band just was all over everything within seconds, and comparisons were made to The Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith right out the gate. No matter what your feelings are for Axl and how he has led his career and the shit he has pulled, you cannot take anything away from this cd being a classic. This cd is raw, powerful and just so in your face. Every song on this cd stands on its own, and god this cd upsets me, why couldn’t Axl keep his ego in check and his mouth shut, and keep putting out music like this? This is the blue print of what should have been.

3. Led Zeppelin-1-This may be the only list that in my eyes Led Zeppelin could not top. So, you know the top two must really be special. People, who know me offline, know what a diehard fan I am. Led Zeppelin 1 to me defines music, from songs like Babe, I’m gonna leave you to Dazed and Confused this was such a statement from a band that would completely change music forever. The only band I can honestly say, every cd they ever put out is a classic and a 10 out of 10. Trust me if we do a chart of the top 10 best second, third, or 6th release, they will be in my top 5 on those as well. What makes this band so special to me, there is only one and will never be another.

2. Pink Floyd-Piper at the gates of Dawn-Syd Barrett is Pink Floyd, not David or Waters. Syd made the magic and beauty in Floyd that those bastards would later commercialize with bullshit like Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, and Wish you were here. This cd is just the equivalent of a musical acid trip just like Syd wanted it to be and that he frequented quite alot. In the music industry that is so built on facades and fluff, Syd Barrett is that talent that is original and out there, that you know he has to be real because no one in their right mind would want to be portrayed and act like that. Syd is the genius that comes along once in a lifetime, and will be forever hailed.

1.Joy Division-Unknown Pleasures-What a top 10 of diverse personalities from a Trent Reznor, to an Axl Rose, Robert Plant, Syd Barrett to now Ian Curtis. Ian Curtis seemed like such a sad and lost soul, that the music did not seem like an escape it felt like a plea to save him from himself. This cd is dark, depressing and does not conform to any musical genre and came out at the later stages of the punk 70’s movement. People may remember that time very vividly, it was when the scene was selling out to record labels. Music at this time was no longer angry and passionate, they were now embracing establishment and kissing up to government.
Then from the ruins of this underbelly came Joy Division. Who to me were so much needed then and needed even more today. I know as great as this record is as a debut, it was Closer the next cd that would get people talking with its major hit Love Will Tear Us Apart, that set the scene for bands to copy for many years to come.